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CROWDRISE : Aug 17, 2012
Tax ID: 64-0593176
BASED: Las Vegas, NV, United States



Community Improvement&Ed;

I.P. Hunt Foundation("IPHF") is a Community Development Corporation & Education charitable trust offering community improvement programs for economically distressed underprivileged and disadvantaged marginalized individuals such as uninsured "working poor" families, Seniors, etc.

I.P. Hunt Foundation (IPHF) is a very creative and unique "grass-roots" community development organization with innovative, imagnitive and optimistic solutions to community improvement issues that represent compassion, industry, imagination and self-sufficiency.

IPHF strives to provide and promote programs and services that improve the overall quality of life for underserved marginalized individuals and reduce economic disparity for for disadvantaged groups.

As a 38 year old Community Improvement and Education charity, we at the I.P. Hunt Foundation (IPHF) are very much concerned with the health and well-being of "working poor" families with no benefits or health insurance during medical emergencies.

Based upon these concerns, IPHF has established the American Employees Association (AEA) a nonprofit employees' association, specifically intended to assist uninsured Workers with a financial safety-net entitled the AEA Medical Emergency Medical Protection plan .

American Employees is not an insurance or insurance company but rather a non-profit Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association ("VEBA") created specifically to educate, inform and assist under-served marginalized Workers and indpendent through education and information plans and programs.

We are attempting to reach out to Foundations, Churches, high-income Private Individuals, Major National Corproations, Concerned Groups and Neighborhood Organizations for help support for efforts to solve the plight of productive uninsured "working poor" families by simply becoming a member of the American Employees Association @


Our mission is to serve the needs of underprivileged and disadvantaged marginalized individuals and groups. through health and welfare, education,  employment and housing plans and programs.

We seeking to reduce economic disparity and increase access to financial safety-net protection through health benefits for low-income vulnerable individuals and “working poor” families.

Our goal is to develop fresh and unique solutions to the economic conditions of American "working poor" families through the cooperation, support and vision of private citizens, education institutions, major corporations as well as public interest groups and Foundations.  IPHF Brochure.

Our Medical Emergency Health Plan program offers disadvantaged uninsured low-income workers finanacial protection through our subsidiary the American Employees Association (AEA) which includes:

Learn more about working families protection projects to keep working families from economic disaster during unexpected illnesses and inability to work. 

Become a member of the American Empoyees Asslociaition at for $10.00 per month and personally support our efforts to provide affordable benefits fo protect "low-[income Working families.

This project offers a rare opportunity for community concerned citizens to help make sure that physically  disabiles workers don't become homeless and suffer financial catasphrophy. 

We're asking you - the American Public - to partner with us in making a difference in your community!

We invite you to personally join us and support our Emergency Medical Protection program for uninsured "working poor" families.  All AEA membership fees are also tax-deductible!!

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American Employees Association

American Employees Association

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