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Generation of Transformation Outreach Center - Iquitos, Peru

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Help Raise $15,000 to Bring Hope To The Amazons - Iquitos, Peru

The Problem: Cycle of Poverty

Generations are repeating the failures of previous generations, creating a cycle, a generation that has lost its direction. The Hope Movement understands that in order to see true transformation we must break the cycle of dysfunctional families, abuse, immorality, and hopelessness forming a new generation of transformation.

  • According the United Nations 70 percent of the general population in Latin America is under 25 years of age.
  • Of the 3.8 million people living in extreme poverty, 2.1 million are children, with more than 60% of the under-18 population living below the poverty line.
  • Thousands of children have limited access to education, counseling, and feeding services, repeating the cycle of poverty.

In Peru, children continue to be the most vulnerable and unprotected citizens. Of the 3.8 million people living in extreme poverty, 2.1 million are children, with more than 60% of the under-18 population living below the poverty line. Peru is primarily a source country for women and children trafficked within the country for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. The government acknowledges that child sex tourism exists, particularly in the Amazon region of the country.

Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian rainforest and is located in the north of Peru at the beginning of the Amazon River.. Iquitos, the largest city in the world unreachable by road, is situated between three rivers: the Amazon, the Itaya and the Nanay. It has a population of almost 500,000 people with an additional 300,000 in rural river villages. It is considered the most populated city that cannot be reached by road because the only way to get there is by boat or plane. Given the poor living conditions, it's inevitable that many of the residents of Iquitos deal with constant health problems. Among the most common are parasites, dysentery, venereal diseases, tooth decay (soda is cheaper than water) and dengue fever. Those that do have running water in the poorest areas often make a business of selling it to neighbors. Supplies are limited, as the water only runs in Belen for four hours a day. Unable to afford bottled water and with no access to running water, it is common for people in Belen to drink from the river, bathe in the river, eat from the river, put their waste back in the river.

Despite the wealth of resources available from the various rivers and the surrounding jungle, life is desperate for many of those living in Belen. Because Belen is the hub of prostitution, drunkenness and gang life in Iquitos, local authorities and their contractors have long refused to expend resources to provide water, sewage or electric utilities to its citizens. It's estimated that about 75 percent of people are living without running water in their homes, and many more go without electricity.


Generation of Transformation Outreach Center

Located in Belen, our center is one of the only outreach centers in Iquitos, Peru, providing two nutritious meals daily to the most vulnerable of children in the community, children who most days live on less than a piece of bread a day, and spend their time in the streets begging and searching for food for their families. A nutritious meal is essential for survival and development. In attending our center the Hope Movement does not just provide physical nourishment, but through education and counseling we provide spiritual and emotional nourishment to guide children, heal their inner wounds, and inspire them to pursue their life’s purpose, understanding that poverty is not their destiny, it is only an obstacle to overcome to make their dreams into a reality.


Feeding Center

Every month over 1,200 meals are provided to the youth enrolled in our  programs. We focus on not only feeding the children physically but also emotionally and spiritually, for we long to see their dignity and self-esteem restored. In order the break the cycle of poverty and hunger, we must change the mind-set of those in need of assistance. It is important for them not to develop a mentality of dependence, but an understanding that assistance is a guide for them to escape the bondage of poverty, that poverty is not their destiny, it is only an obstacle to overcome to make their dreams into a reality.

Children are registered in our feeding and educational program, and receive monthly credits to use to pay for their daily meals. We have developed a credit system so that children understand that they must work hard in life to achieve success, breaking the mentality of begging and dependency and at the time receive emotional and spiritual nourishment through education and counseling programs. Credits are continually earned by committing to community service, attending classes that are offered, or regular attendance at the church of their choice.

Education and Counseling Center
Our vision is to form a new generation of transformation by reaching out to youth searching for guidance. Youth attend our weekly one-on-one and group education and counseling sessions which are conducted by our counselors and teachers. Youth receive non-formal education in a variety of subjects and are able to openly discuss their concerns and confusion about life issues and discuss their feelings, internal issues, addictions, hopes and dreams, opening the doors for healing. Courses and sessions focus on concerns faced by all youth including family drama and abandonment, self-esteem, relationships health, spirituality, and finding your life’s purpose. Through counseling sessions youth receive essential tools to live a healthy and stable life, becoming leaders and positive role models in the community.

Generation of Transformation Leadership Development
Elements of our costumed designed leadership curriculum is provided to youth enrolled in the Haven of Hope Center, developing a mission mentality and incorporating evidence-based guidance, providing youth with an inspiring approach to shaping their hearts and minds by giving them a deep understanding of their life’s purpose. The eyes of the youth are opened to the realities of spiritual and social issues that millions of people are facing around the world, injecting an unshakable passion to make a stand for change. In now understanding their spiritual and social responsibility, fueled by their deep passion, youth are taught the key components of leadership, and are given the essential tools to incorporate their leadership abilities with their life’s purpose and inner passion, forming a new generation of transformation.

Groups of students then take their knowledge and turn it into action by reaching those in their daily lives, and unite with others in the community on a monthly basis to volunteer their time to restore communities, counsel, educate, and assist local outreach programs, transforming lives and guiding them to next level of leadership.

Services Provided:

• Daily Nutritious Meals
• Non-formal Educational
• Medical Care by Volunteer Doctors and Nurses
• Health and Hygiene Education
• Drug and Alcohol Use/ Abuse Prevention
• Self-esteem Counseling
• Family Counseling
• Leadership Development
• Spiritual Guidance

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