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CROWDRISE : Aug 24, 2015
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MICROpower Empowers

Help us lift 30,000 households out of energy poverty by 2021.


The IREO Foundation is raising $50 million in support of the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization (IREO) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The IREO Foundation is supporting these goals through bringing 1000 enterprises 10,000 villages and two million households out of poverty by 2030 through the use of cost effective, sustainable, renewable energy microgrids.


The IREO Foundation is seeking partners and funding for its immediate five-year goal to bring 100 enterprises, 1500 villages, and 30,000 households on to renewable energy microgrids by 2021.Join the #micropowerempowers movement now!


About IREO and IREO Foundation

The Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization (IREO) is a UN-recognized intergovernmental organization founded in 2008 to support and advise governments and the private sector in the urgent transition to sustainable and renewable resources that foster global economic development.  Go for more information about IREO.

Founded in 2010, the IREO Foundation supports IREO’s mission through initiatives that empower local populations in the use of long term renewable energies and technologies as a base for economic and sustainable development. The IREO Foundation seeks to develop and implement cost-effective, sustainable, renewable energy solutions that foster economic development in regions without traditional energy infrastructure. The IREO Foundation, in support of IREO and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, aims to educate, develop, and impact the lives of those who reside in decentralized and remote regions.


Read a letter from IREO’s Chairman  


Join the #micropowerempowers movement now!


The Problem: Energy Poverty


The 2014 World Energy Outlook estimates that 1.3 Billion global citizens remain without reliable energy sources.   More than twice that number rely on unsustainable or hazardous methods for their heating, cooking, and lighting.  Most of these citizens live in regions and nations of low development. (More)


IREO Foundation Solution: Community Microgrids


IREO’s goal is to empower residents of the world’s developing communities to develop sustainable energy infrastructures rather than relying on greenhouse-gas emitting solutions.  Through these programs, IREO aims to help foster sustainable economies where the building and growth of renewable technologies will bring education, jobs, and prosperity. (More)


Rollout of Microgrids


The IREO Foundation will focus on projects and initiatives in the pre-emerging markets of developing nations that other renewable energy programs have largely bypassed. We will also seek to create microgrid communities in more developed areas where increased usage are putting pressure on aging traditional grids, causing blackouts.  These centralized and often antiquated systems are also more vulnerable to natural disasters and other disruptions. More


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Tax ID: 36-4686233 •


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