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Hi Everyone! I'm Isabelle Chappuis, I am 16 years old and I am going to be a junior at Palo Alto High School. I know that many of you get asked to donate to many different causes but I think that you will find this very uniquely inspiring. What I’m talking about is eradicating clubfoot among disadvantaged children around the World through an organization called Miraclefeet. Miraclefeet is extremely innovative in the way it cures clubfoot for thousands of children, allowing them to cure a child’s clubfoot for only $250 through a non-surgical method that is even more effective than expensive surgical procedures. Let me tell you more. Clubfoot is a treatable condition where an individual is born with their feet twisted abnormally. Each year, one out of 750 children worldwide are born with clubfoot. In Western countries, clubfoot is treated immediately and therefore it is rare among the general population. In the developing world, approximately 80% of kids with clubfoot are untreated. This means that over 1 million children live with untreated clubfoot. Since these individuals are unable to walk properly, the condition often leads to high rates of physical and sexual abuse, neglect, blame, stigma, decreased family income, and lifelong poverty. Children born with clubfoot in the developing world will usually be thrown out on the street or hidden in the back of the house because they are “useless” and they are an embarrassment to the family. Untreated individuals are unable to work and become a burden on the community. This lack of proper treatment creates an injustice because the lack of treatment is based solely on the fact that these individuals cannot afford it. By providing proper medical treatment to those with clubfoot regardless of their ability to pay, Miraclefeet seeks to end the injustice of denying proper medical care in developing nations. A treatment called the Ponseti method is a cost effective and overall a more effective way to cure clubfoot than earlier surgical methods. Although it takes 5 years to completely cure clubfoot with the Ponseti method, 95% of the people treated are completely cured. In 90% of the cases in the US they use the Ponseti method. This method is much more effective and less expensive than the surgical method, which some of the time does not work and can have bad effects later in life. Miraclefeet, is a non-profit that has brought the cost of treatment down to $250 per individual by doing 3 things: 1) use the Ponseti method, 2) together with the design school at Stanford, they created a brace that costs $17 and is easier to use than traditional braces, that cost $380, and 3) they created a model whereby they train doctors in existing clinics in developing countries to perform the treatment, which lowers the overall cost and enables local clinics to treat children. The injustice that exists for children with clubfoot growing up in developing nations can be addressed by supporting Miraclefeet. By doing so, we can give children in developing nations the same opportunity to live healthy lives like children in more developed nations do. By making a small investment in these underserved children, their families and communities will also benefit as the children can become productive members of their society. I am committed to helping with this issue. Can I count on you to help me save children from a life of misery ? My goal is to raise $5,000 which will cure 20 children with clubfoot. For every dollar you contribute my family will match it. Lets all contribute to decreasing misery and poverty in the developing World. Thank you for considering my request!


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