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ISD Innovations

Our mission is to influence, support, develop and design projects and programs to advance social, physical and mental wellness. Tax ID 81-2637247


We are focused on verticle developments and innovations that will help positively impact the future.

Our very first project is developing the future of suicide prevention with the novel SuicidePreventionApp (SPA); The first ever publicly distributed suicide screening measure to be available to the general public. By distributing SPA we will empower the world to adequately be capable of assessing and responding to individuals at risk of self harm. By assisting in the assessment and response process, our application will help reduce stigma and build upon communities to support each other.

We have also launched the #iAM project ( A global platform of individuals sharing their story of stigma, and how they have surpassed the stereotypes to become successful in their life. We built it so other could find hope and inspiration in the story of others that have learned to live with and thrive with mental health stigmas.

We are currently piloting #iAM clubs into local high schools to build upon a community of youth coming together to support each other through the various transitions and challanges life presents. We will soon be showcasing our "Bathroom Door" project for high schools (coming Spring 2017).


We appreciate all the support and assistance we continue to receive, and want to thank everyone that contributes to our organization. We are truely lucky to have such a great network of supporters all around the world.