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Healing the families of Combat Veterans

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November 20, 2013

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Jack Ashby


Every day we have men and woman returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. They return to normal life, they return to their families forever changed. They witness things, and do things that most cant imagine. The physical and mental wounds they come home with never really go away. The Veterans Administration and other organizations provide limited help through medicating and therapy but most of the time it does nothing but mask the issue. It will band aide it.

How does a child comprehend why mom or dad isn't the same any more? Dad wakes up screaming at night, mom is in pain from her missing limb. As a spouse how do you try to re connect with your veteran when they are shut off from the world? Self Medication, Spousal abuse, child abuse and suicide are real and are issues plaguing the life's and families of our returning men and woman.

I am a US Marine Veteran, and I served 1 tour in Afghanistan. During my time, I witnessed war first hand, saw the affects of what a road side bomb will do to someone. The affects of gunshot wounds on a kid and these are images that I see every day and most every night. When I returned from over there my wife and I went on a vacation to Mexico. It was liberating, just the thing we needed to re-group. It is now our yearly tradition, my yearly therapy, which got me thinking. There are so many families out there struggling. So many vet families out there struggling to make ends meat, struggling to pay bills, struggling to find away to connect with their loved one, their loved one struggling to connect with them and in today's down economy who has money for a family vacation? who has the extra money to take their wife and two kids to Disney? Who has the extra money to take their spouse on a much needed week long trip to Mexico? To be able to just get away with no worries, everything taken care of .

What I am wanting to do is start a foundation that makes these things possible. All expense paid vacations. Our selection requirements will be at least one dependent. example being a spouse or a single parent with a child. Diagnosed PTSD, or a Purple Heart and have received a Campaign ribbon. WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. For troops engaged in other combat missions those will be reviewed on a case by case bases. The financial situation of the family will also be evaluated when determining eligibility but will also very on case to case basis. We will also be requiring a letter from the VA or a veterans service organizations to weed out anyone looking to score a free vacation who does not qualify.

What we are looking for right now is $15,000 which will cover our paper work to start up the project, file our paperwork with the IRS as a non-profit and get one family out on a vacation. Thank you for your time and donations!!! Have a blessed day.



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