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Tara Teague wrote -

With the chaotic string of events that has inevitably been among us these past few months, it's easy to forget the good in people that are fortunately the majority. This month I am committing to bringing the joy and happiness back to my city and I hope you will join in! Growing up in a family that most would envy, it's difficult to imagine what the mindset of those who can not provide for their children may be. A holiday season without a loving home that looks like Mrs. Claus threw up in it, is beyond comprehension. Chicago has faced much adversity lately, and it's time we stop fighting each other and give back as a community - together. With temperatures rapidly dropping, the amount of children who spend their nights without proper, warm clothing to sleep in, is absurd. Luckily, we live in a country that does well providing meals to these children in need, but what if they spent a night with a full stomach, a warm new pajama set, getting to know the great Dr. Seuss? Something as simple as this, will create a memory that can inspire hope. If we all have a little more hope day to day, the world may start to become a place of peace, and most importantly, a place of love. Here's what you can do! I am not setting a fundraising goal. If three children sleep better one night, then there was a progressive step forward. I am collecting books and pajama set for children ages 6-12 years old. All items must be new, and the pajamas must be a set. They will be delivered to, 1 Million Good Nights Pajama Program. Please message me or email me at for delivery options. If you would like to donate money instead, you can do that here. Let's bring back what this month is all about! Happy Holidays!


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