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Hello everyone, my name is Ryan and i am struggling with hard times. I am in danger of losing my place and i cannot seem to find help anywhere. This is my last resort to come on here and ask for your help. I was laid off from my job and my unemployment was denied since my employer failed to report all the wages. I also tried to go to the labor board but this is a process that takes a long time and i have no income to live on right now. I do get food stamps but that is about it. I am also having health issues on top of this. I have a bad rash on my stomach that is spreading and getting worse. I do not have health insurance and i cannot afford to go to the doctor. You can see the picture above to see the rash. I have tried to ask my family for help but they are on a fixed income. I only have a couple of weeks to try to figure out what to do and the stress grows greater everyday. My rent is $600 and i have another $200 in other bills. Then it will cost me to get treatment from the doctor which i am not sure how much that will be. I have trouble sleeping and i have really bad anxiety. I have tried to look for other work but it is so hard to find a job out here. I have alot of experience but i can't seem to get hired. The people hiring these days are very picky. I am trying so hard to stay positive and hope for the best but time is not on my side and it is working against me. I am very good at fixing computer issues so if anyone is able to help me with a donation, i will return the favor by helping you resolve a computer issue if you have one. I am a very good person and i have always tried to help people. I am also very grateful for any help i can get. We all know that times are very tough and life is not easy these days. Please, if anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated. I would also be willing to work for donations if anyone has some to offer.



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