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Ivan Prokopov's Fundraiser:

Ivan & Idoya's Charity Wedding Registry

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EVENT DATE: Feb 07, 2017


Our love story begun back in 2013, we meet each other in Malta during English lessons curses. The trip with the purpose of improving language skill grew up to serious and at the same time passion relationships.

We started with communication in WhatsApp and later in Skype, since we both lived in different countries by that time - me in Russia and she in Spain. The life is a difficult and doesn`t provide anyone with much of help on one`s life way. And we were able to meet each other again only next summer in Madrid and only for 4 days. But, I swear to God that were one of the best days in our life. Next time in UK, improving English again. And next in Madrid to celebrate the new 2015 year together.

Since that time we decided that we want to stay together until the life takes one of us. We wanted to live together which wasn`t easy to accomplish because we lived in opposite parts of Europe. I wasn`t able to work there and she didn`t have any possibility to stay in my country for a long time. But true love overcome all the barriers and we found the solution. Now we temporary stay in Poland - the only country in Europe where I was able to find a job and my love can stay with me without any law barriers. And the irony of life that we live in city of Poznan near the lake Malta, destiny is a strange lady.

Unfortunately we can`t stay here forever because my future wife can`t find a job here due to specific of her profession - she`s a nurse and that`s impossible to find work without knowledge of local language. There`s also very difficult climate for her health because she didn`t get use to North countries. Therefore we decided to get married and move to Spain.

Now we are in a little difficult life situation because weddings in Spain are a little bit expensive for us since my couple doesn`t have a job and I spend almost all of my savings to moving here. Every cent counts. We are ready to have the cheapest wedding possible, but any help will be appreciated and welcomed!

Please help our dreams come true!



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