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I’ve gone nuts for No Mow-Vember

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My dear friends and family, please consider donating your time and energy over the course of this Month (Nov 17’) to raise awareness of testicular cancer. Given the fact that November is our national men’s health month it allows us to really focus on raising awareness of this monster of a disease. Raising awareness of testicular cancer is important because we as men need to frequently examine ourselves to catch any abnormalities as they start. I wish I had because had I examined myself I more than likely would have caught it months before The doctors did thus making my own personal battle with TC easier to fight. So today is now November of 2017. This is your chance to spread the word on how important self examinations are. Also. If you can please consider donating any amount of money thst to help me reach my goal of $1000. That $1000 will go towards find better treatments & cures I ask that you not shave your beard or mustache, sideburns or any one of the there during the entire month of November . The reason I’m asking this of you is because you will be reminded to talk about TC every time someone mentions your new look. When they do mention it tell them all about the no shave November movement. My own personal battle with TC was so much more then just a medical battle causing me to fight for my life, but it stripped me of any pride I had in myself. It stole all my financial resources, and tore my family apart. Testicular cancer needs to be stopped. Now. So join me friends.... let’s rock it this November, let’s change the world!



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