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The Story

EVENT DATE: Oct 15, 2016

For 20 years, the CSVANW has provided critical support, training, policy advocacy, resources and information that is shared with tribal leaders, top federal and state officials, service providers, tribal law enforcement, victims, as well as those who know the laws and prosecute the offenders of violence against our Native women and children. Today, CSVANW is at the forefront to a dynamic approach to the tribal domestic and sexual violence fields that is demonstrating the most effective, creative and innovative ways to address and prevent the cycle of violence within tribal communities. Across the region, hundreds of Native people have mobilized as part of strong networks within the movement to end violence against Native women and children, and are advocating for better response, services and community-led approaches to prevention using strength-based programming. With such far-reaching goals, and relatively limited funds to achieve them, we acknowledge how important it is to have sound strategies for success in all our programs. Please consider supporting us today!