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Jack and Luke need our help

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Jack and Luke are two severely special needs little boys who were born to parents who have given every ounce of energy and love to them. It is time to get their mommy and daddy some help. These two precious boys have constant medical needs and will have these needs for the remainder of their lives. They were born with microcephaly, a VERY rare brain disorder which causes seizures, visual impairment, mental impairment, and multiple physical impairments. Their beautiful mommy is a teacher who has dedicated her life to children. And even though she has loved and taught many children over the past 12 years, her greatest wish has always been to have her own babies. She had great plans to show her children the world, to laugh, play, and grow old knowing that her babies and eventual grandbabies would keep her surrounded in love and laughter. When her boys were diagnosed, she realized that her dreams would be a little different than she imagined, but after the initial shock, she rose to the challenge. She went to work every day and gave her time and energy to be the best teacher that she could be. Each night, she came home to her boys and gave them the remainder of her time and energy. She is their little family's "momager", taking care of every bill, stretching every penny, arranging doctors appointments, school, PT, OT...the list goes on.... Most parents look forward to making it through the first few months of their child's infancy so that they can eventually sleep for more than a couple of hours straight. Looking back after a while wondering, "HOW DID I MAKE IT?" This mommy's boys will always be infants. They rarely sleep through the night, often waking with shrill cries due to a seizure, or uncontrollable vomiting.... and they are four and six! SIx years of no real, deep sleep!! It is the worst kind of torture, but she keeps going for her babies.....The boys' daddy is also a one-in-a-million. It became his life's calling to take care of the boys. He is the ultimate stay-at-home daddy. Every day, he works with each boy...PT, OT, endless doctors appointments, endless dosages of medication, feeding tubes, oxygen....and always does it with a smile. He plays the guitar and sings to them. And when one of the boys has a seizure, he holds him, coos to him, and knows just what to do to calm him. On the RARE occasion that one of the boys smiles ( or even laughs), it is usually because their daddy knows just how to "get in there" and make them happy. But, these parents have finally hit a point of exhaustion. They need our help. Their mommy is in the hospital, and their daddy is not coping well. They have reached out and are getting the emotional and psychological help that they need. We, their friends and family, are working to get them more in-home care for the boys. Meanwhile, mommy has no sick days left at work. The bills that she has been scraping to pay are now piling up. She makes the only income for this family. They get help from the state for a portion of the boys' medical bills, but they are drowning. Financially, emotionally....Many friends and family members want to help, and have asked us to set up a way to donate money. So here it is. Please give if you can. Thank you...God bless.....



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