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Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson
Portland, OR United States
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Opening a marijuana dispensary entails 3 major components namely legal, technical and social. Let us look at each one in detail.


Legal: Marijuana was used as an addiction drug for people go want to get high. Due to its adverse effect on body functions, state had banned its use. Recent advances in medical science have proved that medical marijuana’s benefit as pain reliever etc. On account of its demand from patients some laws have been relaxed. Pot has been legalized. Alaska, Washington State, New Jersey, Montana, Michigan, Hawaii, Arizona and New Mexico are some of the states who have allowed opening of dispensary. We would also like to mention the best Portland dispensaries, especially Urban Pharmacy, who are the leaders in the industry and every new dispensary should take their lead.


If you are interested in this business, you need to check if your state is one from the list. Any mistake can take you behind the bars. From legal stand point, license is also a big requirement. State has kept the fee extremely high so that it can restrict the number of dispensaries. Only people with clean backgrounds are given permission. This procedure can take long on account of back checks done. It can also act as financial barrier for entrepreneur. If you get a license, you need to proceed for registration of your business. Some laws require this business to get registered as NGO while others allow private status.


Technical: You need to ensure that your dispensary set up is technological advance. You need machines that can keep track of your crops, their plantation timings, their weights etc because state inspectors do regular visits to get this information. Surprise visits are also done to ensure that there is no illegal business being done under the same roof. Besides technical tracking, manual logs of patients, their weed etc need to be kept. Inspectors have the right to ask about them. The logs come as handy sources of information. Also, it is important to have a physician on board. He may not be physically present at all times but he must be able to provide consulting to patients.


Social: While fixing the location of the dispensary, it is important to ensure that there are no teen or kids organizations in the vicinity. They may feel threatened by the existence of this controversial crop. If they object, fighting them can become expensive later. And changing location may not be feasible at a later stage.


One last leg that needs to be tied up is that of marketing. One needs to ensure that the dispensary is sufficiently promoted in local media to attract patients. Entrepreneur may have to publish resources about advantages of medical marijuana. From the business potential standpoint, it is clear that this one is worth many billion dollars. But one needs to be prepared to take an equally high risk. The legalities and licensing requirements undergo changes and the financial investment is also huge. However, the selling price of the plant can also be pegged high to recover the investment. This guide is not exhaustive but touches upon all the key aspects of opening up a dispensary.



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