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Giving families tools to keep them healthy and well during hospital stays Tax ID 27-3736013


When Jackson Hill passed away at the tender age of 12 after a tough battle with sarcoma, a bone tumor, his family started the Jackson Hill Foundation to transform their profound loss into positive change.


As Jackson struggled in the hospital, the family never wanted to leave his side; the hospital became their second home. “Taking a break wasn’t an option as we anxiously awaited news from a doctor or comforted our young son. We craved a quick run, a calm space, something - anything - to feel momentary relief from an overwhelming situation.” Says Melissa Hill, an avid runner and a coach.


The Foundation established the Jackson Hill Wellness Centers - open 24 hours a day, every day, to provide much needed respite from the stress of a hospital visit and the weight of supporting a sick loved one.


The first Jackson Hill Wellness Center opened February 2012 at Randall Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon to great success. In the first two years more than 4,000 people benefited from the Center and useage is on the rise. The Jackson Hill Wellness Center in Portland continues to thrive and is just the first of many wellness centers planned by the Jackson Hill Foundation.


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