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Jacobs Hope Inc

The mission of Jacob’s Hope is to aid newborns who have been exposed to drugs during gestation and are experiencing withdrawal symptoms once born. We provide immediate short-term medical care between hospital and home for medically fragile newborns suffering from prenatal drug exposure. We provide individualized medical care in a homelike environment. Tax ID 37-1828794



The frequency of substance exposed newborns (SEN) is a growing major problem. SEN usually have resulting health issues that require neonatal intensive care units (NICU) to stabilize their health and treat the symptoms during withdrawal until they can be placed in a resident (usually foster care or a relative). The care they receive in the first few months of their lives will have major impacts on their future.


Due to the increasing numbers of SEN with existing NICU demands, they are often released prior to the end of withdrawal care (due to capacity and the high costs of care).  Jacob’s Hope will provide transitional care between the NICU and placement in a controlled environment with 24 hour monitoring and treatment. This care is expected to cost a fraction of the NICU costs while providing the necessary care which will save DCS over a million dollars per year.


Jacob’s Hope will be using the successful approach pioneered by the Pediatric Interim Care Center in Kent Washington. Each visit to that center affirmed our need and commitment for a similar site in Arizona.  Jo and Brian Jones have been foster parents for decades. They experienced the challenges first-hand how these precious infants require extra attention. Leslie Blowers, the co-founder, has years in managing non-profit organizations and also has a heart for these children. They have focused their efforts on providing a center that provides that special care.


Designated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, they have formed a team of like-minded people to make this happen.  Many volunteer hours and personal investments have made a lot of progress. The building has been purchased and is now being modified to City of Mesa requirements for 7 day/24 hour habitation for infant care. Certain requirements must be met before Jacob’s Hope can receive it medical care license and provide that care. Until that time, no care can be provided nor will Jacob’s Hope receive revenue.


These requirements include the following:

  • Design, surveying, and plan preparations
  • City of Mesa reviews and issuance of permits
  • Traffic controls, replacement of a section of the Mesa water main, water line tap and installation of new fire hydrant, water line tap and installation of double back flow devices, installation of over 225 feet of six inch water line to the building
  • Installation and test of an industrial level fire sprinkler system
  • Installation and test of a fire alarm system
  • City testing, certification, and issuance of Certificate of Occupancy


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