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Jake Simpson

Jake Simpson
United States
Stuff About Me:

From IP services, I recommend BT IP clear, which is a wire only IP access service that combines the reliability of traditional voice networks with the benefits of converged data technology. With this, company sites with diverse needs can easily be   connected to a single all-round, cost-effective and secure network that can carry VoIP and also standard and mission-critical data traffic for the organisation.


It provides extensive service coverage in more than 80 countries around the world and is specifically designed to suit major corporates with large sites and coverage.

Its benefits are derived from many features ranging from several bandwidths, a broad range of access options, meaning that the operational needs of each independent site can be satisfied and achieved from within one solution. It is very versatile and therefore can connect to any connectivity meaning there is no need to configure and manage multiple circuits. It also gives advantage to data traffic as it converge network where data traffic needs to take precedence. It also allows migration and inter-work connectivity as it is compatible with networks that are IP-enabled. This enables a company to run its programmes without struggling too much as their needs are met within a single network connectivity.

The privileges that can be enjoyed are several and therefore it should be highly considered with corporates who are highly diverse. They include:-

Less management and overhead costs

Any company whether small or large would like to operate under minimal cost and at the same time achieve high profit margins. The company will be able to run voice and data together on a single network, this means the operations will be highly efficient and also reduced administrative and management cost.

Highly reliable

Companies needs a highly reliable network to operate from, this is because they have a responsibility to fulfil the needs of their clients without failing due to lack of delivery at the agreed time and satisfaction.

Increased security and protection

All companies would like to keep their commercially sensitive information very confidential due to issues of competition and more, therefore it will need a system that will fit that. The security features are in such a way that the traffic is carried from MPLS network which is different from the internet.

Versatile in nature

The needs of companies keeps on changing as technology also advances, changes such as company growth, alterations of working patterns and also new bandwidths requirements will be easily accommodated as BP IP clear has several options to choose from. These will not at any point alter with an existing system or disrupt any operation.

It does not need to be costly as one pays a one –off connection fee and an annual subscription/rental costs. Such investments are considered as assets as it will enable a company to be highly profitable due to their efficiency and quality work. A company that capitalises on it can gain the advantages of having a single expert supplier for their many IP needs and a single, global network that offers consistency of features across all networks worldwide.



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