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Jake Thomas

Jake Thomas
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Crystal meth abuse and rehabilitation always go hand in hand for effective long-term treatment of users. These days, crystal meth addiction is becoming more and more prevalent, affecting families, destroying physical and mental health, relationships, and careers. No one is spared of the long-term impact of drug abuse. Devastating effects are so apparent that you may not be able to recognize the person after years of use.

Here are some of the horrific physical manifestations of crystal meth abuse:


Acne develops or worsens. Because of the obsessive skin picking, user's faces are covered all over with scarring and sores. This is because of the sensory hallucination they experience such as bugs crawling underneath their skin.

Facial Musculature

Crystal meth suppresses the user's appetite leading to undernourishment caused by long bouts of not eating. Eventually, the body starts consuming its own muscle tissue, facial fat, which gives them a hollowed-out, gaunt appearance.

Awful Meth Mouth

This happens when the user's tooth enamel literally starts dissolving because of the harsh chemicals of the drug. All the blood vessels in the gums and teeth constrict, causing the teeth to decay much faster. The mouth is always dry because of poor saliva production, which further allows the harmful acids to destroy the mouth. Users also have increased cravings for sweets while using meth while oral hygiene is heavily neglected. What makes it even worse is the heavy tooth grinding as an added side effect of meth.

Ageing ahead of your Time

Because of skin destruction, loss of muscle and facial fat, neglect in personal hygiene and continuous oral decay, users shockingly look much older than they actually are.

Effects of Crystal Meth Addiction in the Short and Long Term

As mentioned earlier, crystal meth has horrific effects to the human body. Here are some of its short and long-term effects:

Short Term Effects

Rapid heart rate and hypertension
Cardiovascular problems
Increased irritability
Increased risk of stroke

Long Term Effects

Auditory hallucinations
Suicidal/homicidal thoughts
Violent behavior

Crystal Meth Abuse and Rehabilitation

Crystal meth addiction is not easy to combat, but with the right support and rehab, a person is not far from being drug free. Crystal meth treatment is similar with coke, alcohol, or heroin addiction. The process starts with the patient undergoing a detox process where all the meth inside the body will be flushed out in a couple of days. The long-term damage the drug caused to his body needs a longer time to remedy depending on its severity.

Inpatient or outpatient drug rehab will soon follow. Because of the higher possibility of the patient to relapse, most rehab facilities recommend that treatment continue in-house to make sure patient adheres to the regimen and medical interventions are properly administered by health professionals. You could go to to learn more about their programs.

It takes about two to three months of therapy before patient slowly recovers from the horrific effects of meth. Bridge Drug and Alcohol Rehab Illinois offers great services, so you might want to go here to understand what therapies will be given the patient. When he's done with rehab, the patient has the prerogative to build and strengthen his relapse prevention skills that is an aftercare program specifically created for recovering addicts. It takes a long time to recover but anything is possible given time, the right support system, and sheer will.



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