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Jamaica Nursing Outreach Project

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Nursing outreach is a compassion towards helping other and making a positive and influential difference to an individual's life or to a society as a whole. It considers the fundamentals and the required attention from nurses during dire situations and is the necessity to create an awareness for the populations' autonomy, social justice, and advocacy in regards to healthcare. Nursing outreach in a perspective, is a global support provided to individuals and societies that need help and can benefit to developing to a better position through public awareness, social rights, autonomy and advocacy.

It is our honor as nursing students from Seneca College to take action and help those of the less fortunate. Founded by Professor Marcia Brown in September 2006, along with the aid of Professor Hyacinth Jackson and Maria May, six BScN and four PN students went to Kingston, Jamaica with the Early Child Education group under the umbrella of "Students Crossing Borders" in July 2008. A year later in April 2009, nursing students along with faculty took the life-changing mission trip known officially now as "Seneca Nursing Outreach".

The goal of this outreach is to provide the community aid and services, as well as provide third and fourth semester BScN and PN students with a placement for the enhancement of cross-cultural knowledge and application of health care in a developing country. This is a project that can guarantee participant an increase in cultural sensitivity and nursing knowledge relevant to a global community; experience and better understand the direct correlation between poverty and certain types of illnesses and disease; and promote students' interest and involvement in international or global health issues. Furthermore, there are various outreach sites that will be visited such as The Hope Institue for Cancer Care, St. Puis X Health Clinic, Riverton Health Clinic, St. Monica Home for the Aged, St. Mary's Child Home for Teen Moms and The Centre for HIV/AIDS Research Education and Services (CHARES).



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