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James Johnson

James Johnson
Vero Beach, FL United States
Stuff About Me:

Due to aging, the body of a male slows down all its natural productions of testosterone, human growth hormone and other important hormones needed by the body for its operations. A male's life can become difficult when he reaches to male menopause which is caused by the decrease in hormone production.  If a man has reached the andro pause and a therapy replacement is not done and he is not having a good diet, they might end up experiencing some problems like hyperthyroidism, adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. Before it becomes worse one should be able to learn of the symptoms of aging and men pause so that they can go for the therapy. Once the hormones are restored and the correct optimization is done, it makes a man to be vibrant and feel young again.

The Elite Medical Group has programs which are meant to teach men about hormone replacement in case the natural growth hormone has reduced by a very greater level. Once you get there you are evaluated on matters to do with the current symptoms and a test is taken on the blood. If at all there is any problem, a hormone replacement program is identified and prescription is given to ensure that there is a plan which is effective in treating the problem. Once on prescription, the individual has to be monitored so as to see whether the levels are rising and whether the symptoms have been eliminated to the level that is required or the normal. These programs includes; natural HGH therapy, testosterone replacement therapy program, medical weight loss, natraceutical therapy and HGH therapy.

In the body of men, hormones are produced by a group of glands called the endocrine system; these glands are located in different parts of the body but are categorized due to their similar function and their relationship. The body must adjust levels of hormone production to keep levels to the limit if at all the endocrine system has to function as it supposed. The body of a man has a number of very important hormones and each has a defined special role and function that it plays. An individual can improve their well-being through maintaining an optimal level and through balancing of the vital hormones.

Examples of the vital hormones include:

Estrogen which is produced from testosterone in the body by an enzyme which is called aromatase and this happens as a result of the reaction of aromatase. This enzyme is found in fat cells and it increase with increase in the fat content of the body. Aging leads to increased levels of estrogen and decreased production of testosterone. Many unpleasing symptoms can be caused by the conversion of testosterone into estrogen which leads to low levels of testosterone. Excess estrogen in the body can have many effects such as heart disease, prostrate cancer, gynecomastia, increase of fat in the body and it can also lead to diabetes. The levels of estrogen in the body is supposed  to be optimized so as to ensure that higher levels of testosterone are produce and this will definitely reduce the risk of having excess estrogen ion the body 



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