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James Stevens

James Stevens
United States
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An Electromagnetic Interference, or EMI, is the unwanted and unpleasant effects in the electrical system that is generally caused by electromagnetic radiation as well as electromagnetic conduction. Both of these electromagnetic components are differentiated by the way an electromagnetic field propagates. An electromagnetic interference could come in many forms, such as a conducted electromagnetic interference which is basically caused by the physical contact of the conductors. Opposing to this is the radiated electromagnetic interference that is caused by induction and without any contact to the conductors. That is why electromagnetic field can be conductive and/or radiated.

With electromagnetic interference, there are a lot of disturbances that will take place in different systems and operations. Generally, these disruptions may interrupt, obstruct, degrade, or limit the effective performance of a certain circuit or system. Such unpleasant effects can range from a simple degradation of data to its total loss. Some of the most common instances that happen when there is electromagnetic field interference are the disruption of the reception of television or unclear reception of signals for cellular phones. There comes also a time when electromagnetic interference was used as a military instrument by disrupting communications. But as of today, there are lots of things that have been developed to provide solution to the existing problem of electromagnetic interference in the form of RF Absorbing Materials. For more information about EMI, you can click here and you will find more information about this subject.

RF or radio frequency absorbing materials are now being produced in different industries to counteract some system disruptions and protect them from future interference. These RF or microwave absorbers come in many forms, such as a Radio Frequency Absorbing Foams. And one of the leading designer and manufacturer of this type of materials is the Mast Technologies of San Diego, California. The company is recognized to be the global innovator of RF and microwave absorbers, EMI shielding, as well as high temperature materials that were originally designed by the company itself. Mast Technologies sells exceptional products but they also make sure that they give the best services that their clients need and ensure their satisfaction because they live up to the reputation of the company as a customer driven organization.

Andrew Sundsmo and Steve Burningham are the people behind the success of Mast Technologies and they are worth recognizing. Andrew is the president as well as the CEO of the said company and is playing a crucial role for what the company has achieved. Steve is the engineering manager and he looks after the overall technically related aspects of the company. Without these two, the Mast Technologies would not be what it is now. And of course, it is likewise important to recognize the others who are behind the success of the company.

For more information about Mast Technologies as well as their products and services, do not hesitate to visit their website. You can also contact them and raise your concerns and requirements through the same site. 



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