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Jamie's Legacy Stray/Feral Cat Sanctuary Improvement Fund

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Jamie’s Legacy is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit located in Huntington, Indiana. We are a limited admission Sanctuary for stray/feral cats & kittens, as well as a TNR resource for our community. Since our inception 77 cats have lived at the Sanctuary. Of those 33 have been adopted, 4 we found and returned to their guardians, 8 passed and 32 are presently here. We also TNR’d (trap, neuter, returned) over 150 Community Cats last year and 78 so far this year. I don't know quite what to write, or how to express myself these days without sounding desperate and overwhelmed, but I guess, in truth that is how I'm feeling. It is a daily challenge to try and post things that will keep everyone interested and interactive with us, yet at the same time to constantly be asking for financial support. It is personally humbling and hard, but I must, because it is for the lives of the cats. When I look through my personal newsfeed, every second post is rescue groups in need of funds. 9 times out of 10 it is for a specific sick/injured animal. These emergency cases break people’s hearts and most often gain a great deal of support. We have been on the receiving end of that kind of support and generosity in a few of our own emergency situations, like Mable's amputation and Smoke's teeth extractions, but we cannot show pictures of sick/injured cats every day to keep the funds rolling in. For the past few months we have been maintaining our day to day expenses for just the basics, food and litter, while we are trying to raise and save the money to add a building that we truly need. This building is not so we can take in more cats, but to accommodate the ones that are already here. They are severely overcrowded in the Palace and the main Sanctuary cannot take them in because it is at capacity. The young black boy that we believe was dumped here a few weeks ago, is now neutered and vaccinated but still living in the catio in the barn because we cannot accommodate him anywhere else. Normally friendly and loving cats like Bella Mia are becoming aggressive and or withdrawn because they are feeling the stress of crowding. I can go on and on about the trials we are dealing with every day due to lack of adequate space, but I won't. We just keep handling them the best we can with the circumstances as they are, and we just keep praying that our fundraisers will bring in the money we need. But our fundraisers aren't attracting the funds we need. Our expansion doesn't hold the same urgency for people as a picture of a sick/injured cat. Next to these, a building must seem trivial to people. But I can assure you that our expansion is not trivial. The cats that live here need this extra space. Not having it creates emotional and physical problems that are very real for them. We also have medical expenses coming up for Hugo, our FIV+ boy, who's stomatitis has become so bad and so painful that he can only eat mashed up wet food. He must have all his teeth extracted. His first surgery to do half his mouth is scheduled for August 8 and his second to complete the work will be 6 weeks later. As things stand now, we will have to draw from the building fund to pay for this needed surgery, setting us that much further behind in reaching our goal. Our largest expense is always medical, taking up between 53% - 58% of our income. These expenses are for spay/neuters, as well as the regular medical care for the Sanctuary cats. Annual checkups, vaccinations, rabies, and flea medication alone run us approximately $3,800.00 per year or $315.00 per month. This does not include emergency medical, like Hugo's dental work. Most everyone want cats to be 'saved' and not euthanized, yet, how can they be saved if they are not then cared for on a day to day basis. Everyone cries and are appalled when they see cats that were supposed to be in a 'rescue' that are sick and living in horrible conditions, but no one talks about how they got that way. In most cases it is not due to lack of love on the part of the caregivers, it is due to lack of funds to care adequately for them. Then people say, "Well, they shouldn't have taken more cats than they could care for". The truth is very few people can afford to take care of more than a few without help, and so if people and organizations that can’t afford it, don’t take them, who will? The fact is the majority of the population won’t or can’t. Although most people want them all saved, they themselves cannot take them all in for that same reason. That leaves a small few, like us, that will try. Should we not have taken in the sick and injured Bella Mia, or the starving and abandoned 6 week old Wesley, or Cliff & Sherman, motherless at 3 weeks old, sick, hungry and dying? Should we not have taken in Timmy, who as many good days as he is having, is still having bad ones, like today, where he is fighting to live? No, we shouldn't have, because we didn't really have the space for them. But know that every day I do say 'no' to the calls for help with a sick/injured/abandoned/stray cat. And every time I say 'no', my heart breaks, because I know that cat will most surely die, alone, cold and frightened. They will not get the chance that the ‘yes’ for Evie, Hugo, Mable, Lance, Ralph, Grayson, all the rest here, and now Timmy, have been given. But I have to say 'no' more often than 'yes'. I have to deal with the heart break of those no’s because I do have the responsibility of giving the best care I can to the cats I have said yes to. But the truth is we cannot maintain them without financial help from all the other people that cannot take them. We know it is hard to keep giving. We know it is hard to keep seeing the sick/injured faces and have to make the choice as to where your money goes. We know we are only one of many rescues that are asking for and needing the same help. I know I can't save them all, but I beg you to help me keep the ones we can healthy and happy. Please make a donation today to our building fund. The building is not a luxury, it is a necessity. No amount is too small to make a difference!



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