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Jane Terry

Jane Terry
United States
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There are many times when you are required to regularly administer an injection to a family member, parent or spouse.


At times like this, it makes sense to learn how to give an injection so that it saves you the time, effort and money spent in going across to a clinic or hospital every time.


All it takes is the correct of training, a little precaution and a focus on hygiene and cleanliness, and you could easily administer it at home.


Here are a few steps to keep in mind while giving someone an injection

1. Choose the correct syringe.

  • Depending on the condition of the patient you would be using different syringes. A syringe essentially consists of three parts. A needle, a cylinder and a plunger.
  • There are different types of needles for different uses. For instance Allergy needles would be very different from Insulin needles used on diabetics.
  • Then there are variations on the sizes of the cylinders, depending on the dosage that is to be administered through the injection
  • There are various types of syringes available. Understand the syringe you need for the specific requirement of the patient.
  • While a lot of syringe purchases are made OTC, online purchases of syringes have caught the fancy of consumers across the world. There are sites that offer you a range of syringes for every requirement that you have. These are cheap syringes by and large, as they are provided to consumers through global and bulk sourcing. These maintain international safety standards while providing customers the best value for money.

2. Wash and sterilize your hands

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with an anti bacterial hand wash. This ensures that you do not unwittingly pass on an infection to the person receiving the injection

3. Sterilize the equipment

  • Make sure that the needle you are using is sterile. This can be achieved by dipping it in a sterile solution.
  • Make sure that you also sterilize the vial, which contains the injection, by cleaning it with alcohol, before using the needle to draw out the required dosage.

4. Determine the area where you will administer the injection based on the instructions received from the doctor.

5. Clean the area where the injection will be administered using rubbing alcohol. This prevents cutaneous bacteria from causing an infection during the injection process. Make sure the alcohol has completely dried before you administer the injection

6. Select the angle of administering the injection based on the area where the injection is to be administered

7. Give the injection, by inserting the needle under the skin and pushing the plunger in

8.Withdraw the needle at the same angle in which it was inserted.


As with all information received online, it is always better to learn the exact process of administering the injection from a physician, as the specific need of the patient would vary from person to person, condition to condition.


There are many people who have been living with the need to get regular injections. These include Diabetics who need insulin shots regularly.


Many, in the past used to face difficulties of visiting clinics, pharmacies and hospitals regularly to source syringes. Though there was always an option of getting the same online, they used the logic that ‘these are cheap syringes, so they cannot be of good quality’.


However, more and more people are now realizing that sourcing syringes online actually works out better for them. There are now many online services that source out world-class products for sale through their sites. So the quality of the products is not suspect, they are available at a very competitive price and most importantly, they are delivered to one’s doorstep.


Convenience always wins, as is evident with the popularity of online purchases made for most products online. As is evident from the success of websites that provide medical supplies online. One of these is, a top provider of syringes and other products.



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