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Janina Rello wrote -

When I was 20, I started having “panic attacks”.  I’d shut down;  I’d have a spell where I’d feel weird for a little while, then I’d become incapable of speaking, incapable of comprehending, and then I’d get very tired.  One day I came home from work, laid down, while on the phone, and woke up confused, with everything on my night stand on the floor, my tongue chewed, and I couldn’t speak properly. 

Before I knew it, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy.  There was no reason, and there STILL is no cure.  I wasn’t born with epilepsy, and no one in my family history has it.  It’s a pure mystery.

Without funding for research, Epilepsy will continue to be a mystery for thousands of people like me.  Epilepsy will ruin people’s lives continuously until science explores this difficult condition further.  With epilepsy, I wasn’t ‘living’, I was ‘existing’.  My lust for life pushed me into making the choice of having two unpredictable craniotomies.  My choice was successful; the surgeries lowered the strength of my epilepsy where it can now be controlled by medication. 

The stigma attached to epilepsy is staggering.  Seizures in movies are flat-out scary looking, and epileptics have owned shame in their condition due to this depiction.  I, personally, denied my epilepsy up until a year ago.  I know many people who do the same.  If science could get a better grip on this condition, perhaps we wouldn’t be so ashamed of something we had nothing to do with. 

I would love it if you could take a trip into NYC and walk with me.  If you can’t make it that weekend, please donate something to my team.  I’ve fought a lot of illnesses in the last few years but the one that’s closest to my heart is Epilepsy.  Thank you!


Technical Bullsh*t is below:



2016 ITL Walk Overview

Welcome to our page for the Into the Light Walk for Epilepsy! Now in our 5th year, we want to thank all those returning Teams and Individuals and to welcome those of you who are new. It is our goal to make this year’s Walk our most successful yet! For more information on how you can help, please email


In the following information you’ll learn the essentials about the Walk, along with links to registration and other pertinent matters. Please check back regularly to keep abreast of new exciting developments!





WALK: 11:00 AM



You can register as an Individual, as a Team Captain (Create a Team), or as a Team Member (Join a Team), by visiting the registration page.



The historic South Street Seaport is where the Walk check-in takes place. 




Check-in is located at the Fulton and Water Street entrance to the Seaport. Although it is not required, please bring a copy of your registration confirmation E-mail. The names of all registered Team members and individual walkers will be provided to our check-in staff. If your name has not been pre-registered, you will be directed to on-site registration.



The route is approximately up to 5k along the East River on South Street & Battery Park. There are several resting paces along the way. Walkers are free to stop and turn around at any point. The EFMNY will provide appropriate personnel and signage along the entire route.                               



DJ, face painting, and more! Fresh water is available.



For more information on how to become a Sponsor or to donate products, please contact To learn more about our Sponsors, check out the sponsor tab.


AFTER THE WALK:                         

Make a day of it in Lower Manhattan, and enjoy yourself! Area maps will be available, and the Coupon that you are given as you arrive at the Walk will give you vendor discounts.


MORE QUESTIONS:  Check out the FAQ tab.

For more information on the Epilepsy Foundation of Metropolitan New York, please visit EFMNY.ORG, and be sure to check out our community blog,!


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