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Janitra Palgunadi


Hello, My name is Janitra Anggito Palgunadi, you can call me Jan. I'm 16 years old. I live in Central Java, Indonesia. I want to apologize if my English is bad, but I tried everything I can do. I was the first child in this family, I had two younger sisters, the first is Renata (she died after a few hours of birth) and the second is Amalia (now she is 10 years old), I love them both so much. My mother name is Aeni Mahmudah, she was 39 years old.She is the beautiful women in my life. She was everything for me. My father name is Kusno Martoatmojo, he's 7 years older than my mother. On this occasion I would like to tell you about my life and my family situation right now. Previously we were a family of affluent and prosperous life. But the wheel has been spun, it was my father who had been working became manager in one of the private banks, have deceived our family. He has performed various acts that harm us and our large family. It was all because he gave all his money to activities associated with sin. And he always lied all about these things, he was always borrowing moneys from friends or from the Banks. And in the end all was uncovered after each one of them came to our house. And my mother was confused, so are we. "What is this? Why do people collect money to us?" My father and the money borrowed amount is very large, ranging from millions to billions of rupiah ($ 1 = Rp. 13,600). And since then, my dad even likes to borrow money to his friends. Until finally all the treasures that we have used, we sell all that is valuable to us. And now we are at the mercy of the family of my mother, because all the family of the father accused my mother who made us like this. My dad always alter the facts when he spoke to his family, until finally we hated to them. And to be honest we did not ever expect any money from them. And as I write this, we have never met with the father, he left us. He went by the way of lying, he said to go to one of his friends, but after my mother checked it, he had never been there. And after we checking his close friend, he said that he went with his brother (his brother is an impostor, he also had to drain our treasure). They are like inseparable, he always incited my father to do something that ends aim to separate our mother and father. My mother always cries when talking about this, I realized, however, if the crying is not going to change all these circumstances. I always pray for a better life in the future, either with my father or not. And I realized that all the responsibility is on me. I feel sad to see my sister, she should get something decent for her age, but not so. And the last is the conclusion of all of this, I wanted to reach my biggest and wildest dream which is becoming a professional football player. But how can I reach it? To buy boots that I didn't have enough money. I may not have the talent in this sport, but I have worked hard for this to attain. And even if I have the talent, it will not work without hard work. My family needs your help now, it is the holiday season in Indonesia. And usually we visit grandparents house in the village, but I guess it was not possible for the moment. We no longer see them for 1.5 years. We are life in different island, to visiting them, must using airplane. My grandfather experienced the symptoms of a stroke, and all costs are borne by the family through the family dues. We love them. I consider my grandfather was my father in this world. And please note that I have decided to get out of school (my sister is still in school). And I also think it's better if the little money we had to eat everyday (we were not given a living by the father during this). Thank you for reading stories about our family life. Thank you for your donations to our family, we will use it as good as possible. I do not want to be a cheater, I never forced you all to donate some of your money to us. God bless you all, Thank! (:



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