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Ainsley's Angels, Jason, and UNBEATABLE TEAM!



Ainsley's Angels of America is super excited to be spreading awareness through activism and to celebration!

Enjoy this note from Jason's Mom, Kim:

On June 5th of 2004, I was blessed with amazing twins. Both twins were born with Cerebral Palsy, however Jason's Cerebral Palsy was much worse then his sister's. Jason cannot walk, stand or communicate like other children. We stay very pro-active in the search for products that will help Jason improve his life and at best allow him to be happy. We have tried several different types of walkers, bikes and swings. But with trying those different items, none of them formed to his body or positioned him correctly. Which made Jason very uncomfortable. Just as we were giving up hope to ever find something that worked for Jason, we were approached by a gentleman who saw us pushing Jason in his wheelchair at a festival. He explained Ainsley's Angels to us and thought Jason would enjoy it. We of course blew it off as we knew the results would not be good. This gentleman "Joshua Edwards" was very persistent an did not give up on Jason trying the chair. So we gave it a try at the sign up for "Run 4 The Water". We expected the worst, and got the most amazing gift of all. Jason loved it, it was raining outside and even with the rain it couldn't stop Jason from sporting his million dollar smile. At this time we agreed to let Jason run in the race and let Joshua be his runner. It was a very special day, to see Jason smiling and being happy was all we could ask for. Without the dedication from Joshua we never would have found this for Jason. We have learned there are no limits for Jason, but he has to do all of the hard work. Why should I set limits for him, because he has Cerebral Palsy. This chair would mean the world to Jason and would allow him to be part of an amazing family.  Thank you, Kim

YES, YOU CAN...donate to ensure this becomes a reality! 

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Another way to help, is to spread our message and efforts:

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