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Charles Plante


     Hey everyone, I'm Charles, and I just joined the jumping community last season at Skydive New England and had the good fortune of meeting Jay. However I never got to know him as well as most of you, and am greatly saddened by such missed opportunities.

     So in light of all the sad news and regrets, I wanted to offer something that would help out Jason's family.

     I'm running a self designed endurance challenge that consists of two ultra-marathons back to back and will be raising money, ALL of which will be donated to "Jay's Blue Skies" when I finish the last race.

     The first race (May 5th) is the North Face Gor-Tex 50 mile Endurance Challenge, run through the mountains in Bear Mountain, NY and will be at a high elevation making breathing much harder. Basically running two marathons in a row with what feels like a rolled up sock stuffed in your mouth.

     Next up , I'm gonna take only a month off then turn up the pain even more and tack on 20 more miles, and run the Laurel Highlands Ultra in PA clocking in at 70.5 miles on June 9th. That's just shy of 5 marathons at elevation in nearly a month's time.

     BTW, I've never done this... So failure is possible, but I WON'T let it happen, and every donation made will only solidify a guarenteed completion of this endurance challenge in honor and remembrance of a great human being, and one final hurrah for a life well lived and one that will never be forgotten.

For Jay - C

Suggest Donations:

Jump Ticket  Donation: $25.00

North Face Donation: $50.00

Highlands Donation: $70.50

Enduro Donation: $120.50

Other Donation: $ You name it! :D



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