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Fund Overview 
The Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE/USA) is partnering with the Center for Public Resources Development (CPRD) to launch the Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund. Half of the funds raised will go directly to the Center for Public Resources Development’s “Give One” initiative, which raises funds for leading Japanese organizations that are working on the ground to provide immediate disaster relief. The remaining 50 percent will be used to establish a separate fund to support Japanese NGOs engaged in long-term reconstruction efforts, which will be critical in the months and years ahead.

The March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan caused unimaginable devastation to lives and communities, with the full scope of the disaster still unclear. Relief organizations in Japan are scrambling to reach those who have been affected by this disaster, participating in search and rescue missions and providing food, water, shelter, healthcare, and emotional support to the hardest-hit communities. Even after the initial emergency phase is over, it will take years for communities in Tohoku to rebuild and recover. The Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund has been set up to provide support to organizations in Japan that are taking part in the relief effort, as well as to ensure longer-term support for local organizations working hard to rebuild their communities.

About GiveOne
GiveOne was established in 2001 as one of the first online fundraising vehicles for supporting Japanese NGOs. Following the earthquake and tsunami, GiveOne launched an initiative to provide immediate support to Japan's leading emergency relief initiatives: 

  • Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR, Japan)—An association that provides emergency assistance to those in need around the world, AAR is providing food and other goods with a particular focus on people with disabilities.
  • Association of Medical Doctors in Asia—An organization of health professionals, AMDA has dispatched doctors and nurses to the earthquake zone to provide desperately needed medical attention.
  • Japan Platform—A coalition of 32 humanitarian NGOs, the Japan Platform is coordinating the response by NGOs, corporations, and government agencies and appealing to all sectors in Japan for support.
  • JEN—An NGO dedicating to building global peace by helping those affected by natural disasters, JEN is providing hot food to people of all generations in shelters with a particular focus on children.
  • Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development (NICCO)—A Kyoto-based disaster response organization, NICCO is providing mobile clinics and portable toilets and distributing hygienic goods.
  • PeaceWinds Japan—A humanitarian organization providing support for victims of natural disasters, PWJ is providing free access to satellite phones and distributing food, water, blankets, and medical supplies. 

JCIE/USA is a NY-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations will be fully tax deductible under US law. The American counterpart of one of Japan's leading international affairs organizations, JCIE fosters dialogue and cooperation between Japan and the United States, and it has worked for many years to promote the development of Japan's nonprofit sector.

About the Center for Public Resources Development
The Center for Public Resources Development (CPRD) is a think tank established in 2000 by practitioners and experts to mobilize resources from all sectors of society in Japan to contribute to improving communities in Japan and around the world.