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Jeanne Jordan Support System

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Peter Peveto via Crowdrise
December 19, 2010

Hello" I , Jeanne and family very much appreciate anything you can do-and let's face it do means give! This is very important to Her family  See more
Peter Peveto


I have started this because for one there is a problem to me when a young woman has to, on a dailey basis watch her mother slowly slip into death mode. and two doesnt have the financial means to support and sustain the comforts a person should have when approching the last few months of thier life. To me this is tragic and sad Her mom Jeanne Jordan is a Great woman who would give you the shirt off of her own back if you needed it, of course in some circumstances that would be innapropriate. That's just to give you a little about the kind of woman she is. and The family she will be leaving behind is so incredibly unique there should be a storybook about them. Her daughter has been her right hand since i can remember, and is the one watching her own mother slip away..No kid should have to lose thier mother and watch it happen before thier own eyes! i know it happens, but it just shouldn't is all i'm saying. And this is because of The big "C" word and her liver put em together you get it-i just don't want to give it any power by not recognizing it-but the fact is, is it does and i have to! As far as knowing what to raise i dont know how this all works i just know i want to help my friend and adopted mom who is fighing for her life and her daughter is fighting fopr her sanity and reaching into places that she can reach to just find a little bit of happiness in all this...Thank you For reading my words, and i'm suree punctuation isn't correct and spelling isn't either but to you, whomever reads this will get what i'm saying..God Bless you!! and about how much i havent a clue what they would need so i'm guessing on that part and putting 50,000. thanks again..



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