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Jeffrey Dicintio

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amanda SAYS:
December vote to you god bless
December vote to you god bless
6 years ago
Jeffrey Dicintio
Madras, OR United States
Stuff About Me:

After reading so many articles and seeing so many of my peers hurting themselves or committing suicide- and mind you I am not just saying peers because they are my age (14 years old as of September 2012) I am saying peers Because I am Gay. :D

My name is Jeffrey but, you can call me Jeff. Lately, I have been paying more attention to my surroundings and, what I am finding kind of disturbs me. Personally, I believe empowering and guiding today's youth with leadership skills and knowledge will bring upon a healthier, more accepting, and less aggressive diverse world order.

As a gay youth living in a small town of a lot closed minded individuals. I have seen the worst in people, don't get me wrong there is good in this town also, however as you probably assumed, I have been through a lot. Although, instead of becoming introverted- I was given the gift of gab- and the true definition of Gay suites me "Happy" which helps a lot in my leadership qualities. Being the extroverted enthusiastic person I am, I have used my previous bad experiences to help guide me in life. I try to make as many town prevention meetings as time alots me, unfortunately they are usually are scheduled during school hours which limits the number of meetings I may be prestent in. I believe it would be much more beneficial to my peers and the adults around me if I was given the proper skills in effective listening and speaking along with resource gathering and researching skills that the camp is offering to teach during this week long session. Unlike some I am not one to stand back and watch the world pass me by! I like to take action and make a difference in the world (our town) and YEA camp is just the place to create plan of action to make an impact on issues you care about, I care about, WE all should care about!

I am trying to raise money so that I can attend this Summer 2013 Leadership Camp! YEA Camp will have a camp in Corbett Oregon just outside of Gresham. The camp will be held from July 27- August 3rd 2013. It would mean the world to me if I was granted the gift to be able to attend this camp! If you would like to learn more about YEA Camp Visit them on their website (:

What I'm always trying to figure out is why a person's sexual orientation ever has to be discussed or why remarks need to be made in the course of walking down the halls of school, down the isle at a grocery store, playing with my dog at a park. I haven't a clue. Why does the color of my pants or brand of clothing, or my hair style, the way I smile, or the fact I like messenger bags or back packs get me tormented or pushed into lockers, name called or why do I have to sit alone at lunch or why is it I feel so sad to even get on the bus to go to school most days, I can honestly say I am so tired of being called a FAG! Honestly, I just have to say it homosexuality is NOT contagious, just as there is nothing I can do to catch heterosexuality from you. I have tried.

These are just a few reasons why I think a camp with such positive ways (that say) can help each person figure out what they can do to bring about change. My hope, is that this camp offers skills that I can use to help educated and speak to other in an an effect way to so people listen to the point and not just see the gay speaker, but also hear my words.

Possible Help open the first Youth GSA here in Madras.

A donation of a dollar or a quarter will add up!

Everything can be verified by: Laura Carver Assistant Director Youth Empowered Action 503-347-0223.

Forever Respect and Continued Gratitude,

Jeffrey Kage DiCintio

Jefferson County Middle School 8th Grade



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