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Jeni Crawford - Hope Walk 2014

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EVENT: Hope Walk 2014

EVENT DATE: Sep 20, 2014

Jeni Crawford


I walk in remeberance of my mom. So many people see people with mental health issues as weak or there is something wrong with them, this could not be further from the truth. People that deal with mental health problems don't want to be sad, don't want to be angry, they would do anything to be in control of their emotions, reactions, life and so on. People with mental health illnesses can not control these things anymore that other people can control cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers and many more debilitating conditions. At least with physical illness and disease there is a tangible diagnosis that can be made. There are physical changes to the body that people can see and most of the time they say "I am sorry you are sick, if there is anything I can do...". Mental health does not discriminate, you can not look at someone and say they have depression, we should do something to help. Depression is a private illness that you can not see unless you ask, or that person is brave enough to say "I have depression and there is no shame in it.". However, depression/mental illness is and can be just as deadly as any other major illness. It does and will continue to cause death, break families apart, hurt and impact the people that are closest to the person with the illness. Until we recognize that mental illness is a major health problem things will not change or get better. Until we say there is no shame in mental illness, people will continue to suffer in silence. Until we as parents recognize it in our children and get them the help they need, we will continue to have teen suicide. I have been that low myself, my mom committed suicide, my mom's mother committed suicide, my daughters battle with depression. It is a big deal in our family and thankfully we are able to talk openly about it and know that we will all have a solid support system in place if we need help. Please talk about mental illness, tell your kids that it is ok. It does not make people bad or scary, Have them ask their friends, talk about depression and don't make fun or put people down for it. Mental health illness is no different than any other illness.

Please join us for the first annual Cedar Rapids HOPE Walk.

If you have questions please e-mail


Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Lakeside Pavillion / Robins Lake (Ellis Park)


Registration begins at 8:00am

      - register here online or in person the day of the walk

      - no cost to walk

      - walk t-shirts will be available at cost

      - donations accepted online or in person day of the walk


Pre-walk Ceremony begins at 9:30am

Walk (Two laps around the circle drive)

      Lap 1 - Remembrance/Honoring/Support

      Lap 2 - Awareness and Prevention

Closing Ceremony

This year the Cedar Rapids Suicide Prevention Walk Committee has decided to hold a local more community based walk to remember loved ones lost, support survivors, raise awareness, and work on prevention in the Cedar Rapids area community.  We decided on the name HOPE Walk.  The HOPE Walk stands for.......


H - Honoring

O - Openess

P - Prevention

E - Education


It is our goal to involve the local community more and use the donations raised in the community over the next year to support survivors, raise awareness, and work with local organizations to educate and prevent suicide.



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