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Jeremy Smallwood wrote -

My experience with cancer began 3 years ago. A bump developed on my head accompanied by headaches. After testing, it was found to be a tumor which metastasized from stage 4 lung cancer. It was quite a shock. The immediate thought that came to mind was the classic view of cancer and its treatment, a short life of chemotherapy and radiation. Thankfully through the hardwork and donations to help fund improvements in treatment, there have been so many advances. Now the doctors develop an individual treatment program for you, through various tests a profile is created to find ways to target your particular affliction resulting in a greater likelihood of successful outcomes and in a better quality of life for the patient. There is also a focus on diet and mental health which keeps your system firing on all cylinders. I am thankful for all the great doctors, nurses, technicians, and volunteers that have been there for us through it all. The kindness and caring shown to my wife and I by Lahey has been remarkable. With their constant support through these trying times, it has enabled us to endure. It has allowed me to lead an almost normal life, to enjoy the time I have left with the ones I love, also enabling me to think past tomorrow, to dream of future things to come. Providing me with opportunities such as this foundation, help this great foundation raise funds for this necessary research. It would be so amazing if I get a once in a lifetime chance of going to the Super Bowl. To make it even more special, the Super Bowl will take place in the state where I grew up, and it would be the first time I make it back in about 30 years.

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