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CROWDRISE : Jun 29, 2010
Tax ID: 06-1633906
BASED: Woodbridge, NJ, United States



Kids Sports & Service

To ensure that all children have the opportunity to improve themselves and their communities through physical fitness and sports.

Founded in November 2001 to celebrate the life of Jeremy Logan Glick, Jeremy’s Heroes promotes compassion, leadership, teamwork and citizenship in sports, and in life. Jeremy Glick was aboard Flight 93 on September 11th when he and his fellow passengers sacrificed their lives to prevent the terrorists from diverting the plane to the intended Washington DC target. Jeremy was a National Collegiate Judo champion and an avid athlete. His actions on September 11th exemplify the ultimate demonstration of citizenship. As a tribute to Jeremy Glick, Jeremy’s Heroes uses sports to teach positive character traits to our children. Those character traits are then applied by the children outside of the athletic environment when they design and perform their service projects with guidance from Jeremy’s Heroes.

Since 2001, we provide financial support and assistance to school-age children in need, to encourage their ability to participate and succeed in athletics. In return the athletes demonstrate a commitment to their community through service.  Our mission identifies children in need, provides assistance for participating in sports programs; and sets and promotes examples of excellence, as exemplified by Jeremy Glick, helping children realize their "hero within." We require that all participants perform community service to promote compassion, citizenship and leadership.



Tax ID: 06-1633906 •


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