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A quote from "Green Living for Dummies," (no pun intended):

"Getting MORE people involved in actively promoting greener living makes it more likely that the politicians responsible for policy-making will take environmental issues more seriously."

My fundraiser is to help raise money in the hopes of providing needed support for the Great March for Climate beginning on March 1, 2014. The march will begin in California and continue through Arizona and New Mexico up through Denver, CO and over the midwest Iowa, Ohio, and finally to reach D.C. on November 7, 2014. 

The marchers will be provided with basic needs: food, hydration, sanitary restrooms, first aid, and influence. Marchers will be walking 15 miles/day 6days a week. 

The hope is for a dramatic increase in the awareness and actions towards a conscious climate focused future. Various rallys and conferences and meetings are planned to occur along the way that will call attention to climate change awareness and solutions, AS WELL AS, so many other issues that stem from it.

Climate and the change associated is a worldwide issue. We all live on the same planet under the same atmosphere. Although climate can be different among regions around our world, some serious changes are occuring that concern every individual under our sun. Increases in global temperature, oceanic pressure/current/inhabitant/ sea level/ PH level/ and so on are a couple of changes. Also, land availability for food production is also decreasing as an increase in droughts and flooding are occuring. This decrease in land ripples to be a decrease in oxygen released by trees, an increase in carbon by burning fossil fuels used to clear the land. All of this increases the amount of greenhouse gases clogging our atmosphere and increasing global temperature. 

There are thousands of species of other living beings being eradicated faster than what is considered healthy for our earth. Some species are referred to as 'keystone species.' These species ensure a healthy survival rate for most of or ALL of the surrounding species in that ecosystem. Without keystone species, that ecosystem would drastically change or, in most cases, cease to exist at all. 

For example, according to National Geographic, "Elephants eat small trees, such as acacia, that grow on the savanna. Even if an acacia tree grows to a height of several feet, elephants are able to knock over the tree and uproot it. This feeding behavior keeps the savanna a grassland and not a forest orwoodland. With elephants to control the tree population, grasses thrive and sustain grazing animals such as antelopes, wildebeests, and zebras. Smaller animals such as mice and shrews are able to burrow in the warm, dry soilof a savanna. Predators such as lions and hyenas depend on the savanna for prey. Elephants are the keystone species that maintain the entire savanna ecosystem."


This March is going to be a huge challenge. However, It provides a tremendous experience in building community and showcasing sustainability, but more importantly raises awareness and participation in securing our future and the future of everything we have come to know.

Leading in social media these days, Facebook, also contains a page by and for this March for Climate and states that, "Any sacrifices we make to avert the worst consequences of climate change are insignificant compared to the suffering that so many people across the globe will experience - are already beginning to experience - as the climate continues to warm and our leaders do little or nothing.

Are you willing to take 6 million steps across America in the battle for climate action? We are confident there are 1,000 climate patriots who are willing to make this commitment - to go the extra mile, so to speak - to keep our planet livable for us, for other species, and for future generations."


I plan to meet up with the march June of 2014, once my current semester at school is completed and follow through Iowa, and hopefully continue or meet up in DC in November of 2014 to make sure that my effort is recognized by our leaders. 

Please help me and so many others in our effort to support the Great March for Climate.

Policies and daily habits need to change so that we may live long to provide a great future for our children and their friends and our friends that may grow and live long, as well, in a happy world with habitable regions and prosperous landscapes.


If you have any questions or feedback or suggestions please contact me via the information below. Have a wonderful day!!


Jessica Banks




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