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Jess Schwartz Academy prepares Kindergarten through 12th grade students for unparalleled academic and personal success. Our quality education occurs within a community predicated on the wisdom, Hebrew richness, and ethical guidelines of world Jewish communities and Jewish history. Our students move through each grade with the nurturing, care, and safety one expects from a superior school. They receive a solid academic foundation in the early grades and move up to a rigorous college-preparatory high school program.

Our drive and passion is in the creation of a learning environment that significantly improves student achievement while providing academic choices to parents and students that are currently unavailable in Arizona's private, public and/or charter schools. At all grade levels, our academic program is rooted in standards-aligned, measurable, ambitious, and feasible goals that dramatically increase students' opportunities for college success and Hebrew fluency. Our nurturing, caring, and safe school community is unsurpassed..

Through an unwavering focus on student achievement, we graduate college-bound students with excellent scholarship, advanced proficiency in Hebrew and English, and an awareness of multiple cultures. Specifically, we:

Provide our students with a breadth and depth of knowledge in the liberal arts, sciences, Hebrew languages and cultures

Offer a highly rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum that maintains high expectations for all students, fostering fluency and literacy in Hebrew while extending students' proficiency in English

Cultivate critical-thinking, innovation, self-discipline, leadership, and perseverance skills in all students

Foster a warm, motivating environment where all students are able to grow socially, intellectually, and ethically, and students are known, respected, and valued as individuals of great potential

Cultivate a community that models and encourages character development, tolerance, respect for diversity, and a sense of responsibility toward the community

Promote international and multicultural awareness, local and world citizenship, and peace through education, the arts, and social sciences

Jess Schwartz Academy stands for excellence in education.

It’s about our students,
It’s about our future.