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CROWDRISE : Jan 02, 2013
Tax ID: 95-4826637
BASED: Los Angeles, CA, United States


HealthClinic & Education

PLEASE SUPPORT JEWEL'S NEW HEALTH CLINIC and EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM. Jewel's 42 years of dedication to her community has built multiple successful community focused businesses to help heal; including a non-profit health foundation (THE VILLAGE HEALTH FOUNDATION), a 42-year-old nightclub, The AIDS Minority Foundation, and recently a NEW Clinic (her 2nd) in the same neighborhood. Jewel's story and mission to heal and educate her community is supported with history and life-lessons to help us in our challenged world today. Standing up to hate and social injustices for over 42 years and taking care of thousands of brothers and sisters has become an inspiring gift to Jewel to give-back to others in need! Recently her dedication to serve her fellow neighbor through her clinic and club was explored in the new documentary, "Jewel's Catch One" documentary (soon to be released in 2017, and currently screening in film festivals across the US). Jewel hopes to share her knowledge and history of healing with a greater audience. Through her educational program Jewel is planning on instructive and inspiring personal talks, film screenings and private healing sessions. Please support Jewel's next stages of her new clinic (Grand Opening Dec 4th, 2016) and her education program due to be launched in 2017.

About the New Clinic: The Village Health Foundation is more than a complementary medical clinic. We are a community center committed to improving our clients’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  As one's health improves, so too does the quality of one's life. Established in 2001 December 4th, 2016 will be the Grand Opening of Jewel's 2nd VHF clinic located at 4077 W. Pico Blvd. LA, CA. Open to All. 

Ways your will help:

1.) Contribute to The Village Health Foundation's New Health Clinic and Jewel's life-saving, healing daily work.

2.) Support Jewel's Educational Outreach Program.  Assist Jewel's new educational program including instructive and inspiring talks by Jewel Thais-Williams, screenings and private one-on-one sessions.  

Donations are tax deductible (as allowed by law) and will support Jewel's life-saving, healing work. 

About the documentary: Jewel's Catch One documents the oldest black owned disco in America and establishes the legacy of a businesswoman, activist, and healer, Jewel Thais-Williams, who stood up against hate and discrimination for 42 years.  The story of Jewel and the "catch" celebrates four decades of music, fashion, celebrity, and activism that helped changed the course of our country by breakind down racial, social, and cultural barriers.  One of the original safe spaces for LGBT folks of color and women, The Catch also served as a refuge for many during the AIDS crisis.  As her club grew to become known as the "unofficial Studio 54 of the West Coast," Jewel became a national model for how to combat discrimination and serve the less fortunate. In 2001 Jewel opened a non-profit clinic next door to the club to serve the healing needs of her community. In 2015 Jewel sold both buildings on the corner of Pico and Norton and opened a new clinic in the same neighborhood in 2016. Directed by C. Fitz. 

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Tax ID: 95-4826637 •


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