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Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, Inc. Tax ID 13-2869041


The Jewish Community Relations Council of New York:

The Jewish Community Relations Council of New York (JCRC-NY) is both the central resource and coordinating body for over 60 member organizations in the metropolitan area, as well as the hands-on strategic bridge builder within the Jewish community and beyond. Through the multiples of multi-ethnic coalitions JCRC-NY has established, we are deeply committed to improving the quality of life for diverse New Yorkers of all backgrounds, while at the same time serving as vocal advocates for Jewish needs and Israel’s cause.

As the protector and defender of local interests, JCRC-NY is recognized as the Jewish communal liaison in New York by top elected and appointed officials, as well as NYPD and other law enforcement agencies. We collaborate on security issues, emergency planning, crisis management and public health updates.  Further from home, JCRC-NY has been at the forefront of activities in support of Israel and Jewish communities around the world.  JCRC-NY also arranges meetings for New York’s Jewish and non-Jewish leaders with leading figures and diplomats from Israel. In addition, hundreds of key non-Jewish influentials, including Members of Congress and other elected officials, have traveled to Israel on JCRC-NY’s Mission Project.

JCRC-NY represents the breadth of Jewish New York demographically.  We also span the political spectrum and the many forms of religious observance.  The benefit of this diverse representation is that when we reach a consensus it is clear that we speak for the vast majority of the 1.4 million members of our community.