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CROWDRISE : Nov 10, 2011
Tax ID: 52-1998445
BASED: Baltimore, MD, United States



Our Mission

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Jewish Recovery Houses, Inc:    Recovery Works!     Healing Happens!

Jewish Recovery Houses Helping

JRH has helped hundreds of men and women seeking life in recovery since 1996 when founded. Join us in our mission by clicking on our fundraiser below.

About addiction:

  • 2,500 teens begin abusing prescription drugs each day.
  • 1 out of 8 Americans is living with some form of addiction
  • 90% of muggings and theft are related to drugs; 70% of violent crimes were committed to someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • ¼ of all hospital admissions are related to alcoholism
  • 95% of untreated addicts die of their addiction
  • The national success rate for beating this disease is 10% - JRH is 47%

How we’re fighting addiction:

Jewish Recovery Houses is a nonsectarian extended care facility for people recovering from addiction and alcoholism. We are a completely abstinent program rooted in 12 Step Recovery to help transition back into real life. Our clients get to explore with trained staff the root causes and conditions and then develop and implement strategies for dealing with life on life’s terms and eliminating the wreckage of the past. We hold our clients responsible for their actions, and because of that they are successful.

We offer extensive services such as individual counseling, group counseling, psychiatric care, medication management, gym memberships, spirituality classes, meditation training, art therapy, employment readiness counseling/placement assistance, nutrition and healthy eating classes, and financial literacy classes – to name a few

It obvious why our success rate is approximately 4.7x higher than the national average

Stories from Alumni

  • This gave me the chance of a lifetime to embrace the program and start working the 12 steps...When I think about the Jewish Recovery Houses, I think about the prayer in the Big Book about patience, tolerance, and pity, for others, and myself.  Thank God there was a place for me
  • As much as I hated it in the beginning, they were right.  I wouldn’t have stayed clean and begun a life in recovery if it weren’t for JRH...
  • The House of Hope helped me build a foundation that enabled me to start becoming a productive member of society...I was learning how to deal with life without the use of drugs....I started to build a support network and now, almost 30 months later, I have the most incredible friends. I have people that love and respect me for who I am. I have learned so much not only about recovery, but also about myself. I can finally say I have found peace in my life...
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Tax ID: 52-1998445 •


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