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JFCS Seniors Safety Net Support Fund

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April 26, 2011

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Jenifer Zeidman



It is hard to grow old. But it is even harder when you lack the resources necessary to care for yourself.

Take Sarah, for example. As a Holocaust Survivor she is receiving some financial reparations from the German government, including limited financial aid for emergency medical expenses. Unfortunately, the hearing aid she needs costs twice what her medical allocation provides. So where does she get the additional funds she needs?

Then, there’s Irene and her husband Max. Suffering from a stomach wound that has never healed, Irene can’t stand up long enough to shop, cook or clean, and Max is crippled by debilitating arthritis. They desperately need 8-10 hours a week of homemaker support, but have no family or funds to cover those costs. So what do they do?

There’s also Stan and Leah Goldsmith who struggle with prescriptions bills of over $600 per month, and Alan whose neighbor found him sitting alone in his unheated house because he was too ashamed to ask for help paying his utility bill. Where do they go for help?

It is hard to be Sarah or Irene or Alan. To have outlived your resources—if you had resources in the first place. To be out of options, because you’re too old to get a job, you have no family who can help you, and many of the state, federal and local programs for seniors have either been eliminated or drastically reduced.

To address these critical needs we have set up the JFCS Seniors’ Safety Net Support Fund, which will provide seniors in critical need with:
•Counseling & end-of-life support
•Emergency financial aid for rent, utilities, food, clothing, prescriptions, medical & dental care
•Assistance with cooking, cleaning, shopping to enable them to continue living at home
•Care management
•Disabilities & chronic illness support
•Housing & relocation assistance
•Translation & advocacy for senior immigrants

For many of the seniors we serve, JFCS is their only family. They have nowhere else to turn. To navigate their way through the challenges of age, poverty and illness, they must depend on us—and we must depend on you.

Please help us care for those who desperately need our support. Please make a gift to the Seniors Safety Net Support Fund today.


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