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Jill Yeager

Jill Yeager
Madisonville, TX United States
Stuff About Me:

PLEASE NOTE--Any money raised goes directly to research this deadly disease!!!  There is no amount too small!!


The back pain was unbearable.  I went to doctor after doctor only to be told things like: 

  • You just pulled a muscle.  Here are some muscle relaxers and pain pills.
  • After an x-ray it just seems to be arthritis.  You will just need to do the best you can to manage.

The pain started in June and worsened until I finally found a doctor that would listen to me in mid-August.  My chiropractor referred me to a friend of his who is a chiropractor in Humble.  She assured me she would figure out what was causing my pain.  I immediately started sobbing.  It was such a relief to finally find someone who would help me find answers.  She took X-rays in her office and was shocked to see an extreme amount of inflammation in my spine.  She explained that she didn't feel comfortable working on me until she found out what was causing the inflammation.  She didn't want to chance making it worse.  She sent me for an MRI and ordered the results STAT.  They called that she had the results and wanted to see me.  I went by myself because I was truly expecting her to tell me I would need massage therapy and weekly adjustments or something simple like that.  When she began to talk, my world flipped upside down!  She explained that the radiologist would not say for sure that is was cancer, but I was being referred for bloodwork and a bone scan because cancer was suspected.  I was at MD Anderson within a week.  I underwent many many tests to try to determine a diagnosis.  This included 2 mammograms that didn't show anything.  It was determined that they would do a biposy of the place in my spine to determine what was there.  On September 3, 2014 I got a call.  I was teaching my 5th grade Math class.  I answered the phone expecting to hear that they had determined it wasn't cancer, but something else instead.  But that was not the case.  His words echoed in my head and still do today.  "We have determined that the cells in your spine are breast cancer cells.  You will be referred to Breast Oncology."  And the roller coaster ride started.  Upon seeing my oncologist, she did a breast exam and found a lump in my left breast.  I was sent for an ultrasound and biopsy.  I had options for treatment.  The first line of defense was a  drug called Tamoxifen.  This would block the estrogen in my body.  Estrogen feeds my cancer so this would be good.  But my doctor explained that if I did chemotherapy it would give me some relief from the excrutiating bone pain.  So that was where we started.  I did 10 rounds of chemo.  This treatment and working with a pain management specialist at MD Anderson finally brought me some pain relief.  In November I began to experience terrible pain in my hips.  My doctor sent me for 10 rounds of bilateral radiation and this did conquer the hip pain.  I am now on Tamoxifen.  I get scanned every 3 months to see if the cancer is responding to the treatment.  I will share with you something that I didn't know until the results came back from my first round of scans after starting treatment.  The doctor was pleased to tell me that my cancer was "stable", meaning there had been no growth (progression of the disease).  While this was good news, I was devastated because I wasn't educated.  I didn't know that with Metastatic Breast Cancer a "stable" result is as good as it gets.  I didn't want stable.  I wanted to hear that my cancer was shrinking and that I was on my way to being cancer free!  Since then I have learned that is not how this monster (MBC) works!  I will be on treatment for the rest of my life.  I am what we like to call a Forever Fighter.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a  very passionate person.  So my new passion is to raise money to research and find a cure for Metastatic Breast Cancer.  This is the only breast cancer that people die from.  Please please help me stop this disease by donating money that will be used specifically for Metastatic research.  It could save lives!!!! 




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