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Jim and Melissa fund

Organized by: Sheri perez

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Hello. My name is Sheri and I am friend of these two hard working individuals, these people have not ask for help from anyone.except from a few family members, she posted this on Facebook several months ago and I spoke to her today,this is her story! Any help would be fantastic and greatly appreciated!! First off fair warning this is going to be long. I have been debating if I should post this or not. It is not really anyone's business, but I am entirely fed up, pissed off and stressed out. I also think that everyone should know if for some reason something happens to you what you have to look forward to. In August of 2013 Jim got laid off from his job due to his company cutting cost because of how much Obamacare was going to cost the company. They laid off over half of the managers they had and either replaced them with people making half the salary or just cut the management teams in the stores. He had a job offer that was with one of the railroads. It was a dream job. He had to pass a DOT physical. For years Jim has been so tired constantly and had trouble breathing. He was told to lose weight. Well when he went for that physical he was told he had a heart murmur and his blood pressure was high. So they wanted cardiac clearance. Off he went to the cardiologist to get that. That is where the nightmare started. After an echo we found out he had an Ascending Aortic Aneurysm. There was only 2 Doctors in the US that does that surgery for the size aneurysm he had. The best was in Houston. So off we went to Houston. After that we found that his vertebral arteries don't work. Which is why he falls constantly, like daily. He can't go up the stairs without help because he has no depth perception. He is dizzy almost constantly and has blurred vision and sees double. He has medication that helps some with that but he never knows when it will kick in and be more severe which is what causes him to fall. He had a mobility exam and he has a cane, walker and wheelchair because for him every hour is different. So 29 months almost to the day from when he was diagnosed we FINALLY had his SSI hearing. There were over 700 pages of medical records from the past 29 months. In those medical records from 34 provider's it shows his 4 surgeries, 8 ER visits, 26 days in the hospital, 36 home health visits, 3 EMS trips, over 100 office visits, 35 chronic and acute diagnosis, 22 medications that he takes most more than once a day. Humana considers his such a high risk that he has been assigned a permanent case worker. So yesterday begins 05/17/2016. We have the toughest Judge. Our Lawyer is not concerned the medical records support this. Unfortunately she did not seem interested in his medical records. The only one she seemed interested in was there is a brain MRI that they did to be sure he didn't have a brain aneurysm since that is what killed his mother that was normal. The other 699 pages didn't seem to matter. She focused on his job skills that he has as a manager. After giving the DARS rehabilitation counselor they have there 3 different fictional scenarios of jobs that he stated yes someone with those skill sets could do she asked him if Jim was employable and she was told no. He is a safety risk and I do not see how someone with his medical issues could find and keep a job, he told her this 3 times. She proceeded to ask Jim what he does all day. Sleep mostly he is chronically fatigued. Now for the fun part. She than wanted to know who lives in our house. She was told Jim, Lance and myself. What does Lance do? She was told school and he is moving out in the next few months. She wanted to know what I do. She was told I manage a medical office. Was told well your wife is a professional woman. How many cars do we own. Really why is this your business. He paid in to social security for over 35 years. It is there for if you die for your children, if you become disabled and when you retire. At the end of the day she has not made a decision but she doesn't seem real interested in the 700 pages of medical records. We are now having to submit letters from all of his doctors telling her he can't work so hopefully we will not have to appeal this again. So since she seemed to think she needed so much information on me I decided I need information on her. She only approves 19% of the cases she hears. That means she dismisses or denies 81%. She makes $164,000 a year as of 2014 and is appointed by the federal government. I would like to tell her a little about me. I work 10-15 hours a day. Take $100,000 off your salary Your Honor and that is what I have to play with. Now go ahead and subtract 50% of my take home pay for medical insurance for Jim only and all of his medication and out of pocket and uninsured expenses and there you have what I have left. Now let's forget that as a tax deduction since what little I get goes to pay my penalty since there is no way I can afford insurance for myself. Now you have what I have left to pay bills with. I work over 80 hours a week. I work from home because my husband can't be left alone because he falls all the time. I also have to take him to those 100+ doctor visits he has to go to so he can stay alive. I coordinate all of Jim's medical care, cook all of his meals, do all the laundry, run all the errands, clean the house and handle everything else that happens. I deal with his confusion and agitation and anger. I sleep if I am lucky 3 hours a night. I have no time for myself. I haven't bought a piece of clothing in almost 3 years, I have my hair cut by a friend because things like that are not in the budget. I shop for groceries at 6 in the morning because meat from the day before is marked down up to 50%. I have used every dime of my 401k and will never be able to retire and I have had to take help from my mother. Thank God for her. I do this with no help period from anyone. The only person that helps any is that son you wanted to know so much information about. Oh and he is moving out shortly he can't continue to put his life on hold to help me. It is not his responsibility. I love my husband very much and I take my responsibilities very seriously. However, I hate my life. I am depressed, stressed and miserable. I would not wish my life on my worst enemy. Unfortunately I am not allowed to tell her any of this. My husband is not an alcoholic or a drug addict. To bad because you get social security for that. He is a decent man that hates seeing what this is doing to me and hates what it has done to his life. I do not understand what is so hard about doing your job. There are medical records out the wazoo, YOUR witness the DARS man says he is not employable. He paid into the system forever. I will get letters from his Doctors and I will continue to fight but quite frankly this is insane. There is no more money for me to keep paying for all his medical care. So literally this lady holds his life in her hands and doesn't seem to care. You can do everything right. We had a savings accounts, we had 401k's we paid our bills we had affordable cars. Unfortunately there is no help anywhere for the middle class. No medicaid, no food stamps, no housing allowance. Nothing. I don't want any of that. I just want what we paid into forever that was set up for if this happens to you.! I found out today grom my friend 7/22/2016 they made a decision, but it takes 60 days to receive the yes or no in writing only,and if they decide yes it can take another 60 days to receive any funding, She also has since cancelled the Obama care insurance due to the high premiums and high deductible cost, just so they can afford his medication. She is desperate to just to keep paying her home mortage and her bills to survive.


Organized by

Sheri perez

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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