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Jim Hund - Tough Mudder Missouri 2016

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September 21, 2016

Jim Hund


Help others,in their desperate time of need. 


As many of you know, my beautiful wife is the Crisis Therapist for Riley County. She is the go to person for people struggling with difficult situations and helping them "off the ledge". During her years doing this, it has made me realize how much of an asset people like this are. Sadly, many people do not, or are not able to seek help before it is too late. I am a strong believer in the sanctity of human life, and I also believe this is something that is not talked about due to it being taboo. The truth is, we all know somebody who has struggled with depression, that even made them take the ultimate toll on their life. This is not something we should sweep under the rug any longer. This is something we need to act on, and act now. The amount of depression and suicide is alarming, approximately 43K Americans take their own lives per year. This is not about people being weak and need to snap out of it. This is a severe mental state, that often times can only be resolved by friends, family, and therapy. Let us not let another one of loved ones pass due to this severe mental state. Let us all show our support for this cause. 


Politicians are elected due to numerous stances, I have not heard of one that took a hard stance on mental illness..I know, it doesn't draw the attention of how we all wear pink in October. It doesn't carry the flair of fireworks in July. It is a major issue we need to help people with. Even the strongest people you know may have stopped at those train tracks, contemplating driving their truck into the blaring horn and lights of a freight train. Many times this goes unnoticed, even to the ones closest to us.


Help me, help those in need. I have never ran over 2 miles before this year. The only way I agreed to do one of the most grueling challenges of human endurance and mental toughness, is if I could help others along the way. 


Your donation will not go unnoticed. Your donation, whatever it may be, could help your colleague, neighbor, friend, or a family member you had no idea was struggling with suicide. 


Let us hit that $3,000 goal by October, but more importantly, let us help those in need. 



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