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Jimmy Turner

Jimmy Turner
United States
Stuff About Me:

The Growth marketing team or the growth hacking team is the most important team in a business. They consist of people who have different specialties and skills but have the same goal, to improve sales and to increase company's growth. Let us first discuss growth. Growth is a positive change where things develop while hacking is the easy way to get things or make things better. Now we can say that the essence of a growth hacking team is to improve the company's sales. And how can we make that happen? That is by having teamwork.

The company must give the employees activities like team building so that they'll be able to have teamwork. In a team building activity their growth hacking team will learn each other’s strength and weaknesses and to use strength as their guide to succeed and prevent weaknesses to happen. In a team building activity they'll learn to communicate to each other. They'll realize that their team mate is not just a co-worker but also a family. Inside the company everyone must think that everyone is part of the team, everyone is a family. In this case, misunderstanding and fights are prevented. When we learn how teamwork works then we can start the company's growth hacking team. They're responsible how to make the sales increase as a group and to improve company's growth that will lead to expansion and bigger income. Bigger income means more benefit and increase salary for the employees. This is a win-win scenario. One of the best lecturers is Samuel J. Woods; he is a very young and talented lecturer that talks about business strategies. He teaches how to improve sales, and he also teaches different marketing strategies that can help your business reach the top. One of his expertise is Growth hacking or as he calls it growth marketing. He believes that one growth hacker has limits, so he said that a business can be effective if there is a growth hacking team. He stated that a growth marketing team in consist of four categories strategy, data, tech and creativity. The person responsible for strategy is mostly the leader. He plans what experiments must be done and how it is done. Data personnel or data analyst makes structures. He is also responsible in collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. The tech or the developer is responsible for technical side of the business like MYSQL.

And lastly the Creative personnel that is responsible for visuals, layouts, copywriting and designs. You may think that having a team can cost you more but the truth is it will make your business grow better because it has a lot of hand meaning time is manage well, for example if you hire just 1 person to do all the work then it will have to take a lot of time. Whereas if you hire a team that has its own responsibility then it i more convenient because the work is done faster and better. For more info, go here. You can visit his website for more details.



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