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Jewish Los Angeles Special Needs Financial Services, Inc.

Protecting Benefits Promoting Independence Providing Peace of Mind Tax ID 81-0820016


For many people with disabilities, SSI and Medi-Cal are their most vital lifelines. But, if they receive more than $2,000 from an inheritance, legal settlement or cash gift, those government benefits will be threatened. The solution is our affordable, community-based pooled special needs trust services.

Our goal is to ensure that children and adults with disabilities are able to obtain the highest possible quality of life by leveraging the power of the community to assist with financial security and peace of mind.

We offer a highly valuable community resource for families to supplement and retain eligibility for government support while maximizing their investments by pooling their assets with other participants within the pooled trust. Since opening for enrollment in August of 2016, we now have 40 beneficiaries, with close to $2 million in total pooled assets.