Bloomington, MN United States
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My Personal Story:
I suffered for many years, due to a wrist injury. Due to complications stemming from an initial surgery, I was left with chronic pain that came with a severe side of nerve damage. Doctor after Doctor told me the same thing, they couldn't do anything for me but prescribe pain killers to help make the day to day pain more manageable. In addition, a host of other drugs to try in addition to the pain killers to help alleviate what I was going through. At one point, I was taking up to 260 pills each month. They said I could never work in my trade again, which was taking away a huge part of my life that I knew; no longer being able to used my dominant wrist was like robbing me of something that I needed. I felt completely a failure. During this hard time my wife made it very clear to me that being together was all that was important and reassured me that I would get through it. Even knowing this, I still felt defeated.   Most mornings I couldn't even keep down my coffee until the pills kicked in, the pain was unimaginable. For many years, every time a car drove by, all I could think about was running in front of it and how relieving that it would be. No more pain. Life was hell. I felt nobody around me could ever even begin to understand what I was going through; day after day and night after night.; and eventually year after year. A few surgeries down the road, with the hope of a pain free life once again, I found myself thinking about what to do with myself. I kept returning to past feelings of feeling defeated and worthless, truly believing my life didn't matter and nobody would miss me if I were gone. Almost as if I should get out of the way and let the "normal" people get on with their lives. I lost so much time.  One day, I started thinking, if I could do something for even one person that feels the way that I did, then this journey would be worthwhile to me. To ease someone's suffering, to help someone, in whatever way that they needed. Give them back feeling of hope, create a world of new possibilities, pay it forward.

My beautiful, talented and amazing wife, who I never would  have made it through all of this; along with our wonderful, extremely smart, funny and beautiful children, make me a very rich man. If I can help some people while I am here, impact others outside of my family, then I'd be the richest and most blessed man in the world. The journey for me would have purpose and the feelings of the past would be given a new meaning -  a meaning of strength, survival and of giving back.




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