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love you guys - and just so …
love you guys - and just so you know, your donation is being matched by an annonmous donor from the hospital. your 50 dollars is now 100.00 dollars...

love you guys
4 years ago
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East Boston, MA United States
Stuff About Me:

Boston Strong, Stronger, Strongest

I am blessed, honored and humbled to have members of my family as 1st responders for the City of Boston.  Last year, on Marathon Day, we all watched a horrific event unfold.  The Bombing became one of the most difficult and challenging events in our Cities History thus far.  For all of us, it was shocking and terrifying to say the least. Thank God for our 1st responders, emergency and trauma teams for all they do each and everyday and this day put all systems to the test. They go into danger to ensure the safety of us all.  It is through their training, dedication, experience, expertise, professionalism and leadership that many lives were saved that day.

For me personally, I was worried about my brothers as I knew they were both on duty that day.  One brother is a Boston Police Detective and my other brother is with EMS.  I suspected they were near the finish line but it wasn't until hours later when I heard their voices that I knew that they were okay.  There were many honors, presentations and appreciation events to thank 1st responders, it was amazing and touching to see.  My brothers did not attend any of them because they are incredibly humble.  Weeks later, I received a call from a cousin who lives in California, he was watching a hockey game and prior to the game there was a presentation to Boston Strong, victims and 1st responders.  My brother's face appeared on the screen. It showed him at the finish line, taking care of a victim who was in great distress.  His face showed calmness, confidence, compassion, strength and courage.  He was on for a second and yet that image will last in my mind and my heart forever.  I knew how amazing my brother was at his job but seeing him on the screen I was never more proud and honored to share him with the world.   My brothers are and will always be my heros.

I am very excited to be selected for the team.  I am new to running a Marathon and my goal as a beginner is to finish.  I am compeititve, focused and determined to achieve my goals (1) to finish the race and (2) to raise money for such a worthy cause.

I work at MGH BackBay Medical Health Center located on Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA.... I am a Social Worker there and am proud to be a member of a most gifted, talented and dedicated staff of Doctor's, Nurses, LPN's, administrative staff and support staff as well.  I love what I do and the team I get to work with each day. I am humbled by the stories I hear from my client's, the amazing courage and resilience that they show overcoming so many obstacles from medical, emotional and psychological trauma.

My training and speciality is in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  I am a member of a trauma response team where therapists volutneer their services as a courtesy to anyone who is in need.  EMDR is one technique that is often used for victims of traumatic events ... we had a number of runners, spectators, family members and friends who received our services. We continue to help people reach recover and heal.

I am a racquetball teaching pro as well as a competitive athlete.  I have won many titles and most proud of my 7 World Racquetball Titles, with my most recent this past September of 2013.  I play racquetball and workout 4-5 times a week and when I am training for the Worlds, I train harder than most of my competitors.  I hope to use some of that discipline and mindset to train for the Marathon 2014.

I have a big family and we are all very close and supportive to one another.  I treasure my nieces and nephews and my best buddy Maximus a 10 pound Silkie Terrier who can probably outrun me.  Maybe he should run in my place.

I hope to elicite the support of my racquetball friends from all over the country to donate to our team's fund raising goal.

I look forward to meeting everyone, making new friends and accomplish something that I have always wanted to do and now is my chance.  Thank you MGH for giving me this chance....

I want to do this, I can do this, I will do this..

Good Luck Everyone..   The Powers within, Use it to Win...






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