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Jobless with Education Debt

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This fundraiser is to help those people who paid for their education the hard way and are now strapped with high amounts of student loan debt and stress because they cannot find work. I started this after looking at my own debt and realizing that I will probably never be able to pay this off and I have a job! I like many went to college to actually work for a living and afford life. I was told when I contemplated not finishing my degree “You have to spend money to make money” but I took the making money in a different sense. I thought by getting my degree I was going to be able to live the high life, and now that I realize it I can barely afford…..anything. But the main reason I started this fundraiser was due to my girlfriend. We both met in Indiana where we both had our first big break in the job market after receiving our Bachelors. While in Indiana we both took online courses to finish our Master’s degree. A year after I got to Indiana I received another offer that took me to California and left her behind. She on a whim took a similar job to be closer to me in California, it was a little pay increase from the job she had in Indiana but more so this brought us closer together again. I was excited for this opportunity in front of her. I did everything in my power to get her this position and also get her out to California, this included paying for certifications, movers, a one-way plane ticket for me to fly out there and drive cross country with her, gas, hotel stays and more (I guess this is where I say PRICELESS). Everything was priceless to have my best friend by my side again until three months of busting her hump, giving ideas, and solving problems when she was let go. Where we work we start out as probationary employees for our first year of employment so we can be let go for any reason. She knew she was let go for personal reasons, her boss just didn’t like her and felt threatened by her, and those are actual facts and not me just saying that to support her. Currently my girlfriend who I now support financially (in Southern California) has been unemployed for over 3 months now. She has applied for hundreds of jobs daily with no luck, no call backs, no emails, and currently no faith. There are tons of educated people with the same stress she has, not knowing how to pay for their bills and not being able to find work. These same people want to work and want to pay back their loans. This fundraiser is for those people that need help staying current on their student loans while trying to find work.



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