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Best Hiring System With Profile Rating of Workers, We are generating Jobs for Jobless professionals

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Why this Uwork (our Platform) have huge potential? 

We are generating Jobs for Jobless Skilled persons and providing Verified Trusted Skilled persons to company or house owners who need them to fix their problems. Well, Almost all people are facing 1 common problem of hiring skilled persons, when they need to build home, repair car or need an electrician. There is no way of measuring the experience of a skilled person. There is no Profile system in this world for Plumber, Appliance Mechanic, Painters, Electronic Repair Technician, Electrician, Carpenter, House keeping, Teachers, Beautician, Construction Companies, Locksmith, Automotive Technician, Doctors, Programmer/Software developers, Tailors, Photographer, Drivers, Realtors, Travel agents, Wedding planners, Lawyer, Supervisor... etc. We are covering all these. Users will be able to get Bids from different professionals. So required work will be done within their budget. We are tracking every activity of on-going projects for the protection of both sides. 

On the other hand, All above mentioned professionals have a huge advantage to register on Uwork platform. Because they get more jobs/projects without any effort. 

We are also introducing "Premium services" for our Premium clients. More experienced dedicated recommended team for Premium members with low annual fee. This will also be a huge source of income for us. We can share profit or can provide free services to investors who provide funds through 

We want this platform to be the Top workplace in Asia, Europe, Australia & USA. We have completed our strong Marketing Plan & Future Projection Plan. We have done a marketing survey that motivated us that the world needs this kind of platform. It will change the way of hiring skilled persons. Its the 1st alternate solution against HR companies. As we want to be the biggest platform of Professionals and skilled persons. There are billions of companies who are seeking for experienced persons, and there are billion of skilled persons who are waiting for a job that they deserve. 

We have made this platform on our own; we are paying to development team so that the needy persons can get jobs to spend a good life which is given 1 time by our GOD. 

What We Need? 

We need $200000 for marketing purpose as we want to spread Uwork around the world. This amount is required as per exact calculations of our financial, marketing and management departments. This amount will be used for marketing only in Asia, We'll post 2nd Campaign on CrowdRise for required funding to market in Europe & Australia then for USA. No problem if we are not successful to reach required goal of funds as we have divided the Each country into Zones, 1st We're registering professionals in Zone 1 and then we market in public of Zone 1 so that we can generate work for registered skilled persons of Zone 1 and all the needs of people in that zone will be full filled. We get returns on investment on the same time as we are also selling Premium services on the same zone. Then after this We more on to 2nd Zone and so on. It does not affect the results of previous zones if we don't reach out goal. Your investment is safe. 

What You Get? 

We are offering Good Return policy for our investors. May be for the first time on CrowdRise. We can share profit to our investors according to their contribution. We'll divide profit as per investment Share/Percentage of each investor 2nd option for our investors is, We can give you 20 free services, no matter how small or big. But only the services that we are covering on our platform. Condition is: When we reach in your country. We are 100% clear and transparent to our investors. 

Other Ways You Can Help: 

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help: 

Please get the word out and make some noise about our campaign. Please use the CrowdRise or Social Media share tools!



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