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Jodi Fero wrote -

While I am not a big fan of telling my personal information on social networks and such I do believe in the power of science and medicine.  I have wanted to do this walk for awhile now but have never pulled the trigger. Funny how being 1 of 8 women diagnosed with breast cancer will prompt a person to finally do the walk.  

I went for my yearly mammogram on December 20th, 2017 and got a call the next day to set up a follow up mammogram since they saw something different.  I went back the following day on Friday December 22nd for another mammogram, an ultrasound and then after talking with the radiologist an ultrasound guided biopsy.  When I asked the radiologist what she thought, she said I'm pretty sure it is cancer.  Well, being the long Christmas weekend I did not know for sure until Tuesday December 26th that it was indeed cancer.  Thankfully for me it was early stage, I was able to have a lumpectomy, they got it all in surgery, my test results for reoccurrence was low so chemo was not needed and I only needed to do the 7 weeks of radiation.  Plus the 5-10 years of tamoxifen each day but all and all very lucky.  

Others are not as lucky as me, such as my aunt who died in 1998  from breast cancer.  But by donating to Susan G. Komen you can help find a cure and fund research along with numerous other good stuff for those with breast cancer or who will unfortunately be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life time.  Please consider a donation. 

Through events like the Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure®, we have raised more than $45 million and awarded grants to Minnesota (non-profit) institutions for breast cancer awareness, education, outreach, screening, treatment support and research. Up to 75% of net proceeds stay right here in Minnesota. A minimum of 25% of net funds are contributed to the national Susan G. Komen® Award and Research Grants Program for energizing science to find the cures. Learn more at


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