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Jody Petrillo - Climb & Shine

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EVENT: Climb & Shine

EVENT DATE: Aug 26, 2017

Jody Petrillo


Back for our second annual CLIMB & SHINE fundraiser to raise money to benefit the after-school program for HOPE SHINES in Rwanda!  Hope Shines is on a mission to enhance and improve the lives of vulnerable children in Rwanda through education and health programs. This year we tackle Missouri Mountain 14er!

About the Event:

Climb & Shine combines fundraising and hiking into one great event. Athlete participants will set fundraising goals and then summit a Colorado 14er; a mountain that rises over 14,000 feet in elevation. There are only 53 of these big mountains in Colorado and we'll be tackling one together! Read about Missouri Mountain HERE.

The teams will camp the night before (August 25th) and have a pot luck dinner and brief about the next day's event then start the hike at sunrise on the 26th. This is not a competition, it's a fun team-oriented challenge and we all work together to summit together! You'll be able to take breaks if needed and work at your own pace all alongside a highly experienced mountain guide. Once we summit and snap some amazing photos with our banner and group, we'll decend back to camp to enjoy some refreshments and reminence about what we just accomplished. Novice or experienced climber, this one is a must do! 

Who Benefits?

Hope Shines works with 36 vulnerable children in Rwanda year-round. They offer provisions for school fees and health insurance, an annual summer leadership camp, and an after-school program that runs year-round. This event will raise money to support the after-school program. The program teaches a rotating curriculum of Language Arts (ESL and native), Arts and Dance, and Science. Children meet 3 days a week at the learning center and are fed nutritional lunches and given clean filtered water. The center is their resource and a healthy environment for them to learn and get mentorship. 

About the Children:

Children live in poor home conditions, many have lost one or both of their parents due to abandonment or health issues. They live in crowded homes of 6-8 people and are supported by an average monthly wage of $17! Most homes have no electricity or concrete floors (they are dirt) and the drop out rate of children in this social class is 5th grade. Hope Shines fills this gap with mentorship, education, health provisions, and helps them become skilled and equipped to be leaders in their community.

How to Fundraise for this Event:

Pretty simple...We have one goal of $6,000. You create your own fundraising goal (what you think you can raise for this cause) and recruit a team of friends and family to help you reach the goal. Additionally, your team can hike with you to celebrate your hard training and fundraising together! 

What YOU Get:

You will get an official tech tee shirt, great friendships made along the way, a fun camp/hike experience, a mountain guide, and piece of mind knowing that YOU are helping make the world a better place by giving these children a fighting chance and HOPE!

Expenses of After-School Program:

$115 pays for one child to eat lunch for a month

$58 pays for our teacher to teach twice a week for a month

$137 pays for the rent at our learning center

$26 pays for the dance arts teacher to teach each month

$42 pays for curriculum supplies for a month



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