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Joe Dawson

Joe Dawson
United States
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Malware is a short term for "malicious software". This kind of software is specifically designed to disrupt the normal operation of a computer, gather confidential and sensitive data and gain illegal access to a computer. There are many kinds of Malwares like spywares, key loggers, viruses and worms. A malware is identified based on its malicious intent, which is gaining access to a specific computer against the requirements of the computer owner. The creation of malware has made luring money out of computer owners easier for the computer hackers. In the past, malware was made as experiment projects of programmers or simply to play pranks. The use of malware has evolved to making vandalism and to destroy computers. Nowadays, malware is used to extort money by forced advertisement ploys (adware), stealing of sensitive information for money purposes (spyware), spreading spam or pornography or to simply for money extortion in general.

One of the malware scams is called Phishing. Phishing fronts a legit website or a link but its real intent is to "fish" for information. This type of malware may make you divulge sensitive information without you knowing it. Another type is called the spyware which monitors your internet activity and sends back information on a computer that acts as a server, and in return, the computer will make you a target for a specific advertising campaign. Another popular form of Malware is the Trojan Horse. The Trojan Horse fronts as a program that has a legitimate function, but it will have hidden motives like deleting data, relay spam or infect your computer. Virus is the common malware that we usually get on our computers that disrupt its normal operation, taking control of its functions. A virus can also make your computer send email or pornography to a lot of other computers. Finally, there are worms. A worm is a virus that duplicates itself over your network. It is usually sent via email, then send a spam emails to the contacts of your email. If you have malware in your computer, you may be bound to expose yourself to the advantages of hackers. Some malware programs can even lock your computer and extort you money by threatening to delete all the files in your computer if you don't pay for the unlock key of your computer. Some can gain access to your passwords, and may find your online financial records. If you do not secure your computer with an efficient anti-malware program, then you are in serious risk of getting these malware in your computer. For great anti-malware software, you can trust on Malwarebytes.

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